Flyway View House by Jon Anderson Architecture

Flyway View House by Jon Anderson Architecture

Architects: Jon Anderson Architecture
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Year: 2008
Area: 4,590 sqft / 426 sqm
Photo courtesy: Kirk Gittings Photography

This house lays on a site situated in Albuquerque, New Mexico circumscribing the 160 section of land Rio Grande Nature Center toward the south and the Rio Grande River passage toward the West. The wildfowl living space is on a noteworthy transient flyway facilitating snow geese, sand slope cranes and the periodic imperiled whooping crane.


Intended to boost perspectives of the winged animal living space and to exploit sunlight based introduction and uninvolved ventilation, the house has straightforward supportable materials and the attentive utilization of glass to mix the indoor and open air living spaces. The significant living territories adjust the Southern presentation and perspective windows.


Shades shield these territories from the high summer sun however misuse the low winter sun for latent warmth pick up. The house sits underneath the antiquated cottonwoods with far off perspectives of the Sandia mountain reach toward the East, the Rio Grande Bosque toward the West and bottomless transient wildfowl toward the South.

Flyway-View-House-01 Flyway-View-House-02 Flyway-View-House-03 Flyway-View-House-04 Flyway-View-House-05 Flyway-View-House-06 Flyway-View-House-07 Flyway-View-House-08 Flyway-View-House-09 Flyway-View-House-10 Flyway-View-House-11

Flyway-View-House-21 Flyway-View-House-22 Flyway-View-House-23 Flyway-View-House-24

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