21,500-square-feet Home in Dnepropetrovsk by Yakusha Design

21,500-square-feet Home in Dnepropetrovsk by Yakusha Design

Architects: Yakusha Design
Location: Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Area: 21,500 sqft / 2000 sqm
Photo courtesy: Yakusha Design

Individuals that continually live in the city at a quick cadence become weary of cement and glass and they need to bring inside his home a genuine nature. This is the situation, we have an expansive house produced using cement and glass outside and we have the trees and nature inside.

Beguiling only an amazing family with four youngsters was the motivation for inside in “eco” style. Kids’ range and the hall is an uncommon honor, in light of the fact that there are an intriguing blend of materials and hues, garden grasses and brilliant squares. Quite a bit of this inside is based on differences, comfortable and warm wood and glass, living plants and earthenware tiles.

House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-02 House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-03 House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-04 House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-05 House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-06 House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-07 House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-08 House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-09 House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-10 House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-11 House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-12 House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-13 House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-14 House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-15 House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-16 House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-17 House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-18 House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-19 House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-20 House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-21 House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-22 House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-23 House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-24 House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-25 House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-26 House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-27 House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-28 House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-29House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-30 House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-31 House-in-Dnepropetrovsk-32


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