Room Layout Mistakes to Avoid

Room Layout Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to renovating a room in your home the key to it going smoothly is in the preparation. Ask yourself whether or not you have the right budget, if you need an extra pair of hands to help, do you have the right machinery? What about the furniture, should you look hire forklifts from Mars forklifts for example, to help get furniture moved around? Another key consideration in this planning process is that you have thought deeply about the layout of the room. This is an area of reaction where so many make mistakes, and these are the most common ones which you should look to avoid. Keep reading this article and you’ll find several room layout mistakes to avoid.


Failing To Understand How to Use Space

Each room in the property has a function and it is important that the way in which you use the space here lends itself to that function. For example the kitchen is going to require enough counter space for food prep and cooking, your bedroom will need enough space for you to get dressed each day and your study needs to house a desk and some space so you don’t feel cluttered. This is the first place to start when mapping out a room.


Closing Up Space

Another issue which many have is that they close up the space with poorly placed furniture. More commonly this happens when furniture is placed in the corner of the room, and then the space behind the furniture is lost. This is a more specific example but it can also happen in a large room when a chair or a sofa is placed in an area without sufficient space around it to add anything more. This wastes space and it makes rooms feel so much smaller that it should.


Forgetting About Storage

If you haven’t accounted for storage in the room then the end result is going to be a great looking space which very quickly gets full up with stuff because there is nowhere to put it. You don’t have to create large amounts of storage that take up space, but there are many solutions which you could look to that will ensure style and storage in the room.


Form and Function

As we mentioned earlier, the function of the room is just as important as the form of it. When you look at a room on paper and start to lay out where the furniture and the details will go, it can be easy to forget about what the room is designed for. In order to make sure that you get this right, you have to think about your daily routine, how you and your family use each room, this is going to be essential in helping you to ensure you have the perfect form for the function that the room is used for.

These are easy mistakes to make but if you are aware of them when you go into the planning stage of your renovation, you will be able to make sure that you don’t make them.

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