10 Space-Saving Tips For Decorating Your Studio Apartment

10 Space-Saving Tips For Decorating Your Studio Apartment

A lot of people living alone for the first time tend to opt for a studio apartment to save rent as well as enjoy limited furnishing requirements. Are you planning to move into a studio apartment? Well, just because you’re residing in a small space doesn’t mean it has to feel like a pigeon hole.  

Well-planned design and furnishing choices can enhance the functionality of your apartment without compromising the space. We are sharing a few ways you use a one-bedroom home to its full potential. Take a look.


  • Get a Murphy Bed

If you decide to get a queen-sized bed for your studio apartment, you won’t have any space to move around, let alone get any other furniture. Instead of purchasing a regular bed, take a look at quality Murphy beds. A murphy bed can be easily folded up during the day, and you can utilize most of your floor space.

  • Create a Loft Area

When you’re living in a tiny abode, one room serves as your bedroom, dining room, office, and living room. To make the apartment fully-functional, it’s important to create distinct areas within the home. Creating a loft area is one way to do that. You can use the loft as a sleeping space or a home office.

  • Use Room Dividers

It’s possible that your landlord may not allow you to install a loft, or you may be working with a tight budget. You can still designate separate spaces with room dividers. Frosted glass room dividers make a room look spacious while traditional room dividers offer complete privacy. Curtains are another popular option.

  • Install Open Shelves

There is no such thing as too much storage. For smaller spaces, it’s best to install open shelves. This storage option gives you a place to display your things without taking up too much space.

For your kitchen, S-shaped hooks are an excellent way to store your heavy pots and pans.

  • Appropriately Sized Furniture

When you’re furnishing a studio apartment, it’s crucial to find appropriately sized furniture. Make sure you measure the area before shopping for furniture. An overly large piece will make your home overcrowded, while a piece that’s way too small will impact the functionality. 

  • Find Versatile Furniture

Look for furniture pieces that have multiple purposes. Poufs with storage space, a desk that can be extended into a dining table, and a sofa that doubles up as a daybed are some wonderful options. 

  • Keep It Neutral

A gaudy color scheme will make your apartment look smaller than it is. For a compact space, it’s better to stick to neutral colors that will bring in light and ensure the place feels spacious. 

  • Paint an Accent Wall

Just because you’re keeping the majority of the home neutral doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with colors and patterns. Painting an accent wall is a classic trick to add some much-needed color in a room without overwhelming it. If you’re looking for a temporary option, then go for peel and stick wallpapers. They are available in a myriad of patterns and textures.


  • Use Space Above & Under Your Bed

Rather than getting a really low bed, find a bed frame that has some height to it. You can store your belongings in storage containers and push it under the bed. 

The wall right behind the bed is often underutilized. Make the most of this space by installing shelves, but ensure they are properly mounted. 


  • Focus on Minimalism

Filling your small apartment with all sorts of knick-knacks will make it feel and look cluttered. You should focus on decorating your studio apartment in a minimalist fashion. A minimalist aesthetic will make your home look tidy and spacious. 

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