Patios House by Riofrio+Rodrigo Arquitectos

Patios House by Riofrio+Rodrigo Arquitectos

Architects: Riofrio+Rodrigo Arquitectos
Location: Chorrillos, Peru
Year: 2014
Area: 5,898 sqft
Photo courtesy: Riofrio+Rodrigo Arquitectos

The design objective of the project was to elongate the volume of the residence so as to take full advantage of the extensive plot. To achieve this, the traditional typology of a house-courtyard was reinterpreted thereby creating a succession of open spaces contained by the final building.


The building articulates three different patios within the structure: the entrance, the garden patio and a recreational patio. These patios differ from one another both in proportions and in their relationship to the various uses of the space. Finally, the sloping roof defines the composition of the house and allows the viewer a vantage point from which to appreciate this intention.


The main rooms of the house open onto the patios giving the residents a direct relationship to the exterior strengthened by multiple visual points. The ground floor includes an entry, a study, the living room, terrace, the pool, and a service area with kitchen, secondary dining room, laundry room, storage and garage. On the second level, four bedrooms are arranged around an intimate, smaller family room.

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