Top Living Room Layout Mistakes To Avoid

Top Living Room Layout Mistakes To Avoid


Do you need help with the living room layout? There are a few common mistakes to avoid. Once you go through them, you will know how to fix this. The living space is where you get to spend most of your day. For a functional living room, you need the right balance between seating space, storage, and traffic flow. We have some useful tips if you are setting up your living room now!

Awkward conversation area

The purpose of the living room is to gather the family and friends. The layout should enable people to look at each other in the eyes, rather than them seating next to them. One large sofa might be right for watching TV, but it would make an awkward conversation area. Arrange the sofas and chairs in a circle, so that people will be facing each other.


Right coffee table

When seated in the living room, everyone should have where to place their glass. This means that you need to be very careful with the coffee table choice. A too-small table will make everyone feel uncomfortable due to lack of space. A cluttered table is another common mistake. If you put too many decorations, your guests won’t be able to use it. For small spaces, you can get a glass coffee table. It won’t look visually heavy in the area.


Too small area rug

Area rugs will make your living room cozy and add a dose of warmth. But if you don’t use the right size, you might end up with an awkward layout. When the rug is too small, the living room will look unbalanced.

An area rug is used to anchor a furniture arrangement. There is a straightforward rule to determine the right size. Make sure that all the legs of the furniture lay on the rug. Or, at least the front legs. When seated, every person should have their feet on the carpet.


Furniture along the walls

This is a typical layout mistake that you will see a lot. Arranging furniture by the walls seems like a tremendous space-saving trick. Do this only if you lack space and need to use every single inch wisely. Otherwise, it will look like you pushed the furniture leaving a considerable gap.  If you have a spacious living room, place the seating area in the centre. Plan your room layout accordingly to create a cozy look and add the home vibe.


Unbalanced furniture

Arranging small and big furniture can be very tricky. Make sure that you don’t place the big pieces on one side of the room, such as a fireplace, bookshelves, seating, and windows. This will result in an unbalanced look. Spread the big pieces across the room and mix with small ones to achieve balance. Also, avoid placing the sofa with the back facing the door. People don’t feel comfortable when someone comes from behind their back.


Not dividing into zones

This is a common mistake with open plan spaces. The living room should be divided into separate zones for different activities, such as watching TV, entertainment, and drinking coffee. All you need to do is visually divide the space. You can do this by placing area rugs in the zones. Or, use a day bed to separate the conversation area from the rest.


Not having traffic pattern

Noe having defined traffic pattern is also a common mistake. When you want to reach different areas, you shouldn’t bump into things. This means that you have blocked the traffic flow. It would be best if you had 24” for traffic to avoid tripping over cords.

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