S+H House 2 in Jakarta by STUDIOKAS

S+H House 2 in Jakarta by STUDIOKAS

Architects: STUDIOKAS
Location: JakartaIndonesia
Year: 2014
Area: 3.358 ft²/ 312 m²
Photo courtesy: Fernando Gomulya

“S+H HOUSE 2 is the client’s second house, a second opportunity to create a new work with ideas and concept like never before and design which differs from the previous one. The house is located inside a residence and the site is on a rectangle space with 12x26m in size. The front side faces west which has the residence’s park.


This project requires plenty of space for the house itself and a gallery inside to display the client’s art collection. With the first thought of an area of 655m2 and only having 312m2 to work with, it becomes a challenge for the architect to succeed and present uniqueness and most importantly, comfort.


The first solution is to assemble the rooms and spaces in vertical way. Between each levels must bring a nice flow and continuity, but still having a special element that create differences. Bringing uniqueness by making a relation between walls and no-walls spaces and a bordering element to connect indoor and outdoor. The use of split level is to create height between each level as a media for natural light and air to come in and circulate.


The room process starts from the stairs to the main entrance and the front porch. The front porch is an area protected from sunlight and rain because of the overhanging plate and the kids bedroom ‘box’ above. The entrance door uses solid wood and heads towards the foyer inside that blends in with the family room. To split the foyer from the family room, a laser-cut wooden panel with traditional Chinese pattern is used.


The dining area is an open and transparent space with special design and structure to create a hanging effect between the levels above and underneath it. The dining area floor gets an effect of ‘flying’ above the swimming pool and the spaces between them is used as a media to let light and air flow to the service area below.


Above the dining area is the master bedroom, which holds three sides of the dining area to protect it from sunlight and rain. Heading to the next level, the main staircase must be passed. The staircase is made out of solid wood with metal structure. The first level holds the function of private space. It has the master bedroom on the back side and 2 kids bedrooms with its own bathrooms in the front.


Circulation access is continued until the highest level through a straight and long staircase that ends in the gallery with the size of 6x10m and small and effective light openings that gives a dramatic, silent and calming effects to the gallery.


Transparency brings in air and light that makes the room always looking fresh and bright. Crossed ventilation is created from glass sliding door which is easy to open and close. The air conditioner doesn’t need to be used all day for the ground level. Radiation from sunlight is blocked by the architectural shape of the house which is dynamic with voids and overhanging spaces that keeps the temperature stable. A second skin element from perforated GRC concrete will allow the house to breathe, prevent excessive heat to come inside and allow cool air to come in for a comfortable micro climate inside the house.”

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