Rectangular house opens wide towards the lake surface and surrounded by rich greenery

Rectangular house opens wide towards the lake surface and surrounded by rich greenery

Architects: CAPD
Location: Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Year: 2016
Area: 1.722 ft²/ 160 m²
Photo courtesy: Daisuke Shima / ad hoc inc

“It is a residential area near the prefectural capital location, but blessed with nature with scattered fields and water ponds. Among them, facing the lake, surrounded by rich greenery, it is a perfect location that seems to come out as a movie or a fairy tale. The so-called painting architecture is a site with power that can be drawn any number of times.


Although I would like to open wide towards the lake surface, I hit nearly in the west, especially concerning the influence of the western sun in the summer. The opening was designed to be a space that can fully capture the privileged site environment while limiting as much as possible.


1F was a piloti, the main living space was concentrated on 2F, and an opening was made so as to make one round around the 2F part of the building. By doing this, it is easy to hide the eyes of the usual and easy to see the view, giving floating feeling and omission to the building, it is a slightly larger building, but the sense of pressure is extinguished and harmonized with the surrounding environment.


The interior, especially the living, uses the wall arrangement, the reflection of the glass of a wall or a wall-mounted TV, and because the reflection of the light of the lake surface is swaying on the ceiling through the opening, it is designed to take light from all directions We devised it.”

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