How to Move Your Furniture Safely

How to Move Your Furniture Safely

Moving can be an exciting journey for someone who intends to start a new life in a new place. However, it is not without its challenges, and one of them is moving your prized furniture if you don’t want to buy new items when you get there. Small pieces are easy enough to move, but the real problem is the big and delicate pieces. If you are keen on moving to your new place with all of your furniture, here are some tips to help you:

Tips for Safely Moving Your Furniture

Ask for Help

One of the first things that you should do when you’re ready to tackle your move is to ask someone for help. Aside from protecting your furniture, you will also want to protect yourself. Get another pair of hands to help you move. If no one is available to help you, your next option is to hire professional movers like Rainbow Movers that have the necessary tools and experience for handling complex moving needs.

Plan Your Trip

Once that you have contacted a mover in your area, you need to plan your trip carefully. Make sure that your schedule matches that of your mover so you can have the assurance that your furniture is handled well. You should also carefully plot how the movers can safely move your big items out of your current home. For example, remove any obstacles that may cause them to stumble or fall. It is also advisable to have a plan for how the items should be unloaded into your new place, so it is easier to arrange them in your new home.

Protect Your Furniture

Before you have someone move out your furniture, check if it can be carried out in one piece. Does your couch fit through your main door or is there a need to take the feet off? Also, make sure that the path you’re taking to the front door does not have any unnecessary items in the way that would make maneuvering difficult.

Use Furniture Sliders

When you are moving out of your old home, you still need to protect it from unnecessary damage. If your furniture is too heavy to lift, make sure to use furniture sliders so you can ensure your hardwood will not have any scratches.

Apply Strategies to Move Chairs

If you have huge chairs to move, they can be easily moved through tiny entryways by using the “L” method, which means moving the chair on its side and easing the long end of the chair first through before turning the other edge. It would also be useful if you can first remove the legs of your couches, as it would give you additional space to maneuver.

Use Proper Protection

Whenever you are moving heavy objects, make sure that you are wearing the proper protective gear such as work gloves to protect against cuts and heavy-duty shoes to prevent injuries.

Look for a Dolly

If you are hiring the help of professional movers, ask if they have a dolly that they can use to move some of your items that are heavy and have awkward sizes. If you are making the move on your own, you might find it useful to buy or rent one.

Use Lifting Straps and Harnesses

Aside from a dolly, you may also find it useful to have lifting straps and harnesses, particularly if you need to move bulky furniture. These are not only handy when you need to move an item from the top floor to the ground floor but they keep your things well-secured during the trip to your new place.

Hire movers

Of course, if you find the prospect of moving a large amount of furniture around on your own a bit intimidating, you could  hire professional movers like Mayflower to help make the move.

One thing to remember when you are moving your furniture is your safety. Carry your items properly, never attempt to carry something too heavy, and always lift with your legs by bending your knees and not your waist to protect your back from injuries. Before you know it, all your furniture will be secure in your new home.

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