How to Make a New House Feel Like Home

How to Make a New House Feel Like Home


Everyone who has ever moved to a new place knows how chaotic that period can be. Taking care of the paperwork, packing all your stuff into boxes, labeling them and organizing the movers can take a lot of your time (and nerves!) and when you have finally moved and thought you are done, the work really begins. Now it is time to turn that new place into a home, which can be tricky when you are living among boxes. Even if you have spent months and months choosing the right house for you and your family, now this place seems somehow cold and lacks that personality your old home had. Do not worry, everyone goes through this adjustment period and with a couple of tricks you can start feeling cozy and settled again. Here are a few things you can do to help that new-house feeling fade away.

Take care of your closets

You will survive if the coffee table still isn’t where it should be or if your pans are still in boxes, but trying to figure out where your pants and sweaters are every mornings can be stressful and ensure you start the day off on the wrong foot. Therefore, unpack those boxes that say ‘clothes’ first and you will be much more at ease.

Introduce familiar sounds and smells

Did you have an old striking clock in your living room that went off every hour? Or maybe you loved lighting vanilla candles because they smell so homey. Recreating those familiar sounds and smells can help you bring that old home vibe into your new one.

Unpack your art pieces

We all know that it is those small pieces that give our home a certain personality. Therefore, unpack all those precious art pieces you have collected over the years and lean them against the walls. This way you will be able to enjoy them even if you still haven’t figured out where they should be installed. In case you always wanted to get a large bowl for your living room or an interesting lamp pop over to and find some inspiration for your bedroom, now is your chance to treat yourself to some new nick-nacks. Decorating your house with something you already have and something you’ve wanted for a long time can give it that homey feel.

Make the bed

Sleeping in your old, cozy sheets can help feel like you are home, so pull out your pillows, duvets, sheets and throws and make your bed like you used to in your old house. Nothing says comfort like taking a nap in your old bed, so don’t let your clean bedding stay in those boxes for long.

How to Make a New House Feel Like Home

Make it smell like home

You know that old trick realtors use to help potential buyers feel like they belong in that house? When they bake cookies so the whole house will smell nice and have a cozy vibe? Well, you can use the same trick to make yourself feel at home. Maybe you do not have to bake cookies (especially if you’ve never done it in your old house), but perhaps grilling a nice piece of steak, opening a favorite bottle of wine or buying fresh flowers for the dining room can make your home smell more like you.

Do not order in

When you are surrounded by boxes, ordering in seems like a logical step. However, nothing says home like a home-cooked meal, so unpack some of your pots and pans and prepare a hot meal, even if it is just mac and cheese.

Unpacking is a long and dull process, but with these tricks your new house will feel like home even if you are still living among boxes.

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