Into the woods La Héronnière Residence in Wentworth by Alain Carle Architecte

Into the woods La Héronnière Residence in Wentworth by Alain Carle Architecte

Architects: Alain Carle Architecte
Location: Wentworth, Quebec, Canada
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Adrien Williams

La Héronnière’s theoretical methodology proposes an elucidation of the thought of reusing. We offer a reflection on the significance of keeping up a hypothetical issue in our practice, which appears undermined by people in general’s sole intrigue today in the specialized measurement: “manageable improvement”.


La Héronnière was outlined by methodology identified with upcycling (which comprises of recovering waste into an object of worth by the craftsman’s beautiful mediation. This current determines its roots, from one viewpoint, from the insurgent” “demeanors” of Arte Povera, through Pop Art to the late kitsch craft of a Jeff Koons), recouping old reasonable references “reused” into another undertaking vision, and then again, by adding to the venture taking into account specialized perspectives identified with reusing and renewable vitality.


Four automatic segments characterize the system of this investigation: Occupation, Supply, Reuse and Distinction, which clearly don’t originate from the “project” without bounds tenants accordingly, yet emerge from the theoretical parts of the venture. This is a repeating approach in our work, in which the scrutinizing of structure and place goes before the automatic issues.



The system was regular: a youthful family with two youngsters needed to manufacture a house speaking to their qualities, their yearning to possess a characteristic setting amicably and “advantageously”, with the site saw as “the host”. Ecological prerequisites were non-debatable: no attractive field in the occupied space, no remote correspondence convention, vitality independence, materials free of unpredictable natural mixes, recuperation of venture buildups, electric auto, and so on.


Confronted with all these great goals and specialized prerequisites, normal for the estimations of Generation Y, we presented only one more, which appeared to outweigh these new media-promoter values: the estimation of the spot, the existential quality identified with the earth. Rather than execution quality, we advanced the theoretical and perceptual estimation of the engineering venture, as a genuine counterpoint to the present idea of feasible improvement.


The spot of mediation, however particularly the way its natural structures were changed, was subsequently the meeting purpose of these two adversarial dreams of area use arranging. The area exhibited a lofty incline, a kind of slanting plane, not helpful for private assignment. Because of the spatial quality created by this corner to corner, we introduced a level plane in the scene, produced from three strangely indistinguishable geodesic focuses, situated at the highest point of three rocks present on the site.


From that time on, the task was outlined on a basic various leveled guideline of occupation: being above or beneath this skyline line… Below are living spaces with mineral ambiences or more are dozing territories with lighter materials.


Beneath this flat plane, it was chosen to redesign the site with a specific end goal to engineering a level that would turn into the open air living plane. The impacting deposits were compacted and rejected on the site to make the task’s new ground: a bothered surface instead of one extricated from the domain. A kind of “palliative treatment” of the viciousness done to the site amid the demonstration of exhuming.


The consequent stage positions the bearing dividers of the level plane connecting the three existing rocks (Fig. 15). This plane is larger than average with respect to the living arrangement’s edge to make open air regions shielded from awful climate and from sun powered radiation in summer. The solid utilized for development of the bearing dividers is conjoined with the stones, holding a mineral quality on the lower level of the living arrangement.


The dividers are situated opposite to the pivot of sending of the spaces, however particularly in respect to the way of the sun, keeping in mind the end goal to catch its vitality amid specific hours and store it to save money on warming. The ground is likewise concrete and assumes the same part of aloof segment delivering a warmth and mass exchange by the day’s end.



The family was worried about presenting an idea of “activity” into the habitation’s project. Supper planning got to be one of the uncommon “at home” exercises, bringing development and friendliness.


To the advancement of the eating space at the heart of the task, we appended a little nursery, in coherence with the huge narrows window on the southwest side, for preservation of seeds from outside harvests amid the tumble to get ready for sowing amid the winter. Some sweet-smelling plants are additionally kept in the nursery lasting through the year, with a seepage framework created to encourage developing and support.


Amid the mid year, the site’s lingering slant, confronting due south, turns into the developing place that offers perfect seepage qualities. This “business sector garden” job of the living arrangement thusly offers an independent, dynamic living model, a long way from the apathetic evenings of the Baby Boomer era.


On a parallel track, the living arrangement “supplies itself” with reused vitality. The missed vitality framework, of some multifaceted nature, is intended to guarantee the home works in verging on aggregate independence as far as hydroelectric vitality. Chiefly filled by biomass, it likewise gets its vitality from an arrangement of photovoltaic boards. In fine summer climate, the framework offers a vitality surplus that will be rerouted to the locale’s energy appropriation network and represented in winter utilization credits.


Eventually, the home ought to accomplish a zero utilization proportion when the financial assentions will be connected with the nearby appropriation lattice.



For La Héronnière, we teamed up intimately with the future tenants to design the spaces in light of old or recuperated development objects, and so forth. This methodology, in which the article shows up in the meantime as the undertaking is outlined, welcomes research outside the expert connection.


To reuse the wood entryways of a previous carport, a removable wall was set up, isolating the primary living range starting from the earliest stage, warmed for the most part with a moderate blazing chimney. This permits better conservation of warmth on the ground floor amid frosty winter nights, keeping heat from ascending to the upper floor through the stairwell on the ground floor.



As can be comprehended from the undertaking’s announcement of purpose, this included a movement of the standard hobbies: not a stereotyped setting of the “perfect home” showing riches and influence, however a demonstration of ideological exhibition through a particular control of the site. Is this an indication of a change of disposition or a definitive indication of cutting edge free enterprise?


Be that as it may, the aftereffect of this reasonable methodology ended up being exceptional, even particular: We perceived the significance of the new environmental standards of a specific portion of the populace, and the new social qualities identified with these standards, which give influence and mirror the inhabitant’s craving for compositional refinement.

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