Higher eating experience in a place centered on the creation of a mysterious atmosphere

Higher eating experience in a place centered on the creation of a mysterious atmosphere

Architects: hcreates
Location: Shanghai, China
Year: 2016
Photo courtesy: hcreates

“The dining concept for Cobra Lily was to take loved street food from across Asia and recreate the flavours and vibrancy but turn it into a higher-end eating experience. Despite the location being in an upmarket area the owners wanted the restaurant and cocktail bar to contrast its surroundings by having a more casual vibe yet be a busy and vibrant space amongst the tourist hoards and formal suits and ties of Xintandi. Clearly stated from the outset was the idea of not wanting to be dressed up but instead casual and hip without trying too hard. With the parting words of ” dark, gritty, seductive and mysterious” the creative process begun.

The design concept for Cobra Lily centered on the creation of a mysterious femme fatale. Cobra Lily became a journey through her day and night time escapades, a myriad of places where she hangs out to meet people, solicit information or plan her next move. Teasing around this theme enabled the concept to take on different elements in different areas of the space but all with hints and allusions to the mysterious Cobra Lily. As the space is part heritage the integration into the existing envelope became paramount and the success of this design lies in cleaver use of the many knooks and crannies. In this way the diners experience emulates her daily journey as you go from bar, to restaurant or even to the bathroom you come across different design elements and features which peak your curiosity and draw you further into her world.”

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