Sancti Petri Private House by Teresa Sapey Estudio

Sancti Petri Private House by Teresa Sapey Estudio

Architects: Teresa Sapey Estudio
Location: Chiclana de la Frontera, Spain
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Teresa Sapey Estudio

For the improvement of this private task, situated close Cadiz, in Andalusia, between a green golf field and the Atlantic Ocean, the climatic requirements were painstakingly considered, as these include exceptionally hot summers and substantial winds. This is the motivation behind why the main thought was to make a protected house, without any indications of showiness. The amazingly white house opens itself up to the greenery enclosure through wide windows, from which we can watch the pool. Inside, everything is impeccably white: dividers, deck, staircases and furniture, which are cheated with vitality. The outcome is an immaculate and symphonious blend got from an assortment of styles.


Subsequent to the absolute starting point, the idea conceived the development of a lavish home for the contemporary crew. The point was to address three primary necessities: build up a liquid relationship between the connection and the inside; compose spaces committed to recreation; and, streamline the distinctive volumes with a specific end goal to go to their glad social occasions. By consolidating shape virtue and compositional capacity, we have figured out how to make a harmony between engineering, inside outline and encompassing environment.

Sancti-Petri-Private-House-by-Teresa-Sapey-Estudio-02 Sancti-Petri-Private-House-by-Teresa-Sapey-Estudio-03 Sancti-Petri-Private-House-by-Teresa-Sapey-Estudio-04 Sancti-Petri-Private-House-by-Teresa-Sapey-Estudio-05 Sancti-Petri-Private-House-by-Teresa-Sapey-Estudio-06 Sancti-Petri-Private-House-by-Teresa-Sapey-Estudio-07 Sancti-Petri-Private-House-by-Teresa-Sapey-Estudio-08 Sancti-Petri-Private-House-by-Teresa-Sapey-Estudio-09 Sancti-Petri-Private-House-by-Teresa-Sapey-Estudio-10 Sancti-Petri-Private-House-by-Teresa-Sapey-Estudio-11 Sancti-Petri-Private-House-by-Teresa-Sapey-Estudio-12 Sancti-Petri-Private-House-by-Teresa-Sapey-Estudio-13 Sancti-Petri-Private-House-by-Teresa-Sapey-Estudio-14 Sancti-Petri-Private-House-by-Teresa-Sapey-Estudio-15 Sancti-Petri-Private-House-by-Teresa-Sapey-Estudio-16 Sancti-Petri-Private-House-by-Teresa-Sapey-Estudio-17 Sancti-Petri-Private-House-by-Teresa-Sapey-Estudio-18

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