Amagansett Dunes by Bates Masi Architects

Amagansett Dunes by Bates Masi Architects

Architects: Bates Masi Architects
Location: Amagansett, New York, USA
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Bates Masi Architects

In a town celebrated for sprawling homes, the customers asked for a house sufficiently substantial to oblige their family, in an exceptional 1950’s advancement of humble bungalows set among moving ridges, a couple of hundred feet from the sea. Nearby legend says that the emotional scene was once utilized as a film area for desert scenes in quiet motion pictures.


The customers’ little parcel moves down to a save, where the types of windswept trees and rises record the force and course of the steady seaside wind. The wind scours the sand from around the scruffy vegetation, dragging it into bow molded explanatory ridges that point toward the overall westerly wind. Similarly that the scene is shaped by the microclimate, so too is the house.


The house is situated to confront the road, the evening sun, and the overarching wind. The whole west and east veneers are involved operable glass, with little movable openings on the windward west side and far reaching openings on the leeward east side. The distinction in opening sizes makes a weight differential over the house that advances normal ventilation. The expansive entryways on the east side open onto decks ignoring the illustrative ridges.


On the west side, canvas louvers are arranged toward the southwest to concede the mid year breezes that radiate from that bearing, while obstructing the winter winds from the northwest. The introduction of the louvers additionally concedes the winter evening sun while obstructing the cruel summer evening glare. As a tertiary advantage, the louvers give security from the road.


Every louver is cut from one bit of canvas into a structure with decreased strips on one edge. The canvas is wrapped around a casing with the decreased strips wound to build their straightforwardness on the southwest edge. The canvas design, created through various advanced and physical mockups and models, throws dappled examples of light through the house amid the day and makes a complex woven lamp when seen from the road during the evening.


The louvers are a piece of a latent ventilation framework that cools the house, as well as pulls the fragrance of the sweet-smelling greenery enclosure through each room. The brought septic field up before the house, required because of surge zone confinements, is planted with a field of lavender, along these lines concealing its utilitarian capacity. The house is loaded with the odor of lavender, a fragrance that will perpetually trigger recollections for the customers of summer in the ridges.


The structure and subtle elements of the house are gotten straightforwardly from the site conditions and along these lines attach the house to the spot practically and experientially. The outcome is a local design construct not in light of style, but rather on natural components.

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