Nerima House by Elding Oscarson

Nerima House by Elding Oscarson

Architects: Elding Oscarson
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Year: 2015
Area: 1,066 sq. ft / 99 sq. m
Photo courtesy: Kenichi Suzuki 

On a plot in Tokyo, a little garden has been flourishing alongside an old house for quite a while. As the small existing building was supplanted, our customer truly needed to save the greenery enclosure and permit it to sprawl all around the house. The little plot ought to additionally fit a stopping, the greatest foot shaped impression of the house, and the fundamental crevice to the site edge.


The customer is a couple that will first utilize this house as a weekend house before in the long run moving to Tokyo. They likewise have grown-up kids living in Tokyo and abroad that will occupy the house now and again. Accordingly, the project was genuinely unspecified, and as opposed to making a house with numerous little rooms, we settled on an idea which gives a couple of huge spaces in this little house.


The ground floor is indented a bit into the ground to locate another connection in total nearness to the greenhouse, another viewpoint to mull over the greenery and an un-customary openness to the hole around the site. The continuous glass opening around the whole ground floor implies that the house is opening up to all sides, to wide and limited greenery enclosure spaces, and additionally to the road.


Because of the semi-depressed base of the house, the second floor can be a particular open space with a relatively vast roof stature inside of the most extreme building tallness; still in relative closeness to the ground, not losing contact with the greenery of the greenhouse while offering access to the rooftop porch also. This enormous second floor room is interested in all sides with a glass opening, giving a feeling of being semi-outside, appreciating a 360-degree display of the site, the tree-tops, and the sky.

Nerima-House-by-Elding-Oscarson-04 Nerima-House-by-Elding-Oscarson-05 Nerima-House-by-Elding-Oscarson-06 Nerima-House-by-Elding-Oscarson-07 Nerima-House-by-Elding-Oscarson-08 Nerima-House-by-Elding-Oscarson-09 Nerima-House-by-Elding-Oscarson-10 Nerima-House-by-Elding-Oscarson-11 Nerima-House-by-Elding-Oscarson-12 Nerima-House-by-Elding-Oscarson-13 Nerima-House-by-Elding-Oscarson-14 Nerima-House-by-Elding-Oscarson-15 Nerima-House-by-Elding-Oscarson-16 Nerima-House-by-Elding-Oscarson-17 Nerima-House-by-Elding-Oscarson-18 Nerima-House-by-Elding-Oscarson-19 Nerima-House-by-Elding-Oscarson-20 Nerima-House-by-Elding-Oscarson-21 Nerima-House-by-Elding-Oscarson-22 Nerima-House-by-Elding-Oscarson-23 Nerima-House-by-Elding-Oscarson-24 Nerima-House-by-Elding-Oscarson-25

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