5 Essential Gadgets to Smarten up your Home Security and Stay Protected in your home

5 Essential Gadgets to Smarten up your Home Security and Stay Protected in your home


In days gone by, home security technology was something that was far too expensive for the average person to afford. However, with the rise of innovative and affordable solutions, there is no reason why you should have to worry about the security of your home. There are now many smart security gadgets that can easily be integrated with smartphones and smart-home devices.  Protecting your home and keeping your family safe is a top priority for all homeowners. In this article, we will go through 5 essential gadgets that can help to smarten up your home security. These devices are highly affordable, and they will give you top-notch security.


1. Wireless Security Camera Systems 

The first gadget on our list is wireless security camera systems. Cameras have been around for a long time, and they are usually the first thing people tend to think of in regards to home security. However, wireless camera systems have a range of important benefits. Wireless cameras can be easily set up in multiple locations around your home. They are available in many sizes, and the majority have exceptional quality recording. This can be viewed live on a smartphone or any other internet device. You can view the footage with ease, and you will also have access to any recordings. Footage can be stored on USBs, and some packages will allow you to store the footage on the cloud.

All home security systems should have camera systems since this forms the base of any security strategy. These systems also have exceptional motion detection, which can instantly alert you so that action can be swiftly taken.


2. Smart Doorbells

 The next gadget on our list is also a type of camera; however, it functions very differently to a typical security camera system. Smart doorbells allow you to analyze and view all potential guests before they are allowed to enter your home. Wi-Fi Doorbells give you real-time updates, which means you get an instant notification whenever someone rings the doorbell. You can clearly see their face due to the 1080p video, and there will usually be free online video storage on the cloud. It allows you to easily catch any trespassers, and it means that you don’t have to worry about opening the door for a stranger in the night. You can also directly speak to someone at the door if you don’t happen to be in. This can be convenient if you need to take a delivery or if you need to pass on important information to someone. Overall, smart doorbells provide the best form of security for your front door.


3. Smart Locks

 However, a smart doorbell just by itself does not provide complete security. If you want total security for your front door, then you should consider a smart lock like the August Pro+Connect. Smart locks give you numerous ways to enter the door, such as a fob, cell phone, and a standard key. Some even offer voice activation, which means you can enter by simply saying a phrase. This provides added convenience if someone happens to forget their key. You can also send someone an ‘e-key,’ which works for a limited period of time. This can be highly convenient if you need a friend to watch a child or to collect something. The smart lock also monitors everyone that comes and goes, which adds to your total home security. Smart Locks tend to work either through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology. They are the perfect complementary gadget to a smart doorbell.


4. Smart Light Fixtures 

You may have assumed that security only comes in the form of locks and cameras. However, you can now even purchase smart light fixtures to add another layer of security in your home. These sleek outdoor lights appear simply as regular fixtures. However, at the bottom of these lights, there is an HD camera that is always recording. The lights also allow you to communicate directly with any visitor. You can easily transform a porch light into a fantastic security asset. The fact that it is hidden and not obvious means that it can be very effective at catching any potential intruders.

Adding smart light fixtures is an easy way to bulk up an existing home security structure. You can also get smart lighting for the entire home, which can be easily scheduled and motion-triggered. This type of lighting makes it harder for intruders if you are home or not. It also means that you can mimic usual daily activities, so no one has to know that you are away. You can also connect these lighting fixtures with automation apps that can trigger a light to come on in the event of someone ringing the doorbell.


5. All-In-One Security Solutions 

If you are looking for an all-purpose security gadget, then you should consider purchasing an all-in-one security solution. Many security companies such as ADT have teamed up with technology providers such as LG to incorporate smart security solutions. These gadgets can include many features in one device. These features include a camera, motion tracker, microphone, and speaker. The camera can be viewed and controlled remotely from a smartphone. This type of security solution is highly recommended since it gives you extra peace of mind. It tends to be the most expensive type of gadget; however, it is well worth the money since it provides many features in one device. This type of security solution is something that every serious homeowner should consider.


Closing Thoughts

You will now have a much clearer idea of which gadgets are available to help bolster your home security. Technology has progressed a long way, and one of the results is the development of smarter and more efficient security gadgets. Many of these gadgets work seamlessly with smartphones and smart home devices such as Alexa. This makes it easy to implement a full home security plan for the entire home. You will be able to find many affordable security gadgets to beef up your home security and provide peace of mind to the entire family.

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