Casa Blanca by Martin Dulanto Sangalli

Casa Blanca by Martin Dulanto Sangalli

Architects: Martin Dulanto Sangalli
Location: Lima, Peru
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Juan Solano

This house has been taken a shot at to resemble a gigantic piece, which has been unearthed to produce diverse zones in within. The house has three distinct levels: the cellar, first floor and the patio.


The storm cellar is associated with the outside by tall windows, which permit a lot of daylight and cross ventilation for each room. The independent character in which the configuration is based licenses the client to appreciate security in each feeling on this level.


The social region on the inside is situated in the first floor. It is consolidated by a glass shutting, which permits an aggregate mix of the family room, the eating range, and the kitchen. It likewise permits a full perspective of the recreation center arranged before the house.


The patio has been plotted as a transparent space. A focal porch coordinates the house, and permits a full association on its three levels, and in the in the mean time gives a lot of normal light and phenomenal ventilation.


We can watch an orange staircase arranged in this feel assumes a primary part as a hero.


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