Hopetoun Road Residence By b.e architecture

Hopetoun Road Residence By b.e architecture

Architects: b.e architecture
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Melany Wimpee

The methodology for the remodel and augmentation of the Hopetoun Road Residence is to hold the current structure as a tying down component, including a progression of structures underneath a coasting copper roofline that wraps around the first building.


Grasping the customer’s longing to keep up a genuinely ordinary private structure, the configuration reinforces the structure by making a peak veneer at the front and back with an unmistakably characterized diagram. Clad in cleaned dark render, the peaks underline strength and give the house a re-set up feeling of history and changelessness.


Conversely the expansions, made as strips out of copper wrapping around the strong structure, sit delicately above recessed coating. As a counterpoint to the verticality of the façade, the slight, single-level roofline communicates horizontality. The copper banding makes different spatial encounters as it connects with the first house.


The pressure and harmony in the middle of old and new are conveyed into the insides of the house. The current structure keeps up the personal characteristics of the first house with a progression of made points of interest. The new zones, made fundamentally from glass, are interested in the green scene past. Noticeable utilization of steel-encircled windows is a binding together component all through the project.

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