Ultramodern C House in Timisoara by Parasite Studio

Ultramodern C House in Timisoara by Parasite Studio

Architects: Parasite Studio
Location: Timisoara, Romania
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Attila Wenczel

The house is arranged in one of Timisoara’s negligible neighborhoods, in an as of late built zone with a heterogeneous character-in regards to the volumes, their arrangement and their hues. Along these lines, we proposed a basic highly contrasting volume. The picked volume fills a twofold need: accentuating the building in the given connection and hiding the inside and outside private space from the road.


The white shading highlights the volume’s flat/vertical elements, and the dark shading has the part of outwardly extending the openings and underlining the openings. The veneers have diverse progress in connection with their cardinal introduction. The primary exterior confronts east, and it highlights the horizontality of the volumes, regarding the road flow. The southern veneer has expelled volumes with a specific end goal to offer the inside spaces as much light as they need. The western veneer turns out to be more static, more straightforward, opening the perspectives to the lawn, a space for unwinding and swimming. The northern exterior is more hazy, the openings are more divided, having a progression of tight openings that let the circuitous lighting into the principle space.


Every one of the walkways, the even ones and additionally the vertical ones meet in the front room, a focal space that requests and coordinates the development. The focal space additionally controls the encompassing, being made keeping in mind the end goal to encourage the common wind stream. The stair spaces’ stature lets this happen wiping out the warm air on the northern side, over the front room.


The principal floor is made out of two private zones: the principle room and the kids’ rooms. These zones are isolated by a walkway that outwardly controls the living region.


The terrace is made out of two distinct zones, one predominantly mineral, close to the house, made out of a relaxation space disconnected from the primary volume and the pool, arranged in the sunny piece of the package, and the other zone, in the back, is an outlined vegetal scene.


Ultramodern-C-House-in-Timisoara-06 Ultramodern-C-House-in-Timisoara-07 Ultramodern-C-House-in-Timisoara-08 Ultramodern-C-House-in-Timisoara-09 Ultramodern-C-House-in-Timisoara-10 Ultramodern-C-House-in-Timisoara-11 Ultramodern-C-House-in-Timisoara-12 Ultramodern-C-House-in-Timisoara-13 Ultramodern-C-House-in-Timisoara-14 Ultramodern-C-House-in-Timisoara-15 Ultramodern-C-House-in-Timisoara-16 Ultramodern-C-House-in-Timisoara-17 Ultramodern-C-House-in-Timisoara-18 Ultramodern-C-House-in-Timisoara-19

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