Beach House CN by Longhi Architects

Beach House CN by Longhi Architects

Architects: Longhi Architects
Location: Lima, Peru
Year: 2011
Photo courtesy: Juan Solano, CHOlon Photography

Shoreline house CN fits in with Carlos and Neni a pediatrician and a gynecologist and their two school kids. The best approach to translate their fantasies for summer life was that of having three isolated groups in a site with strict regulations for a solitary house.


The house is made out of three volumes isolated by open spaces that permit characteristic light and cross ventilation for every single private space while giving basic vertical and flat flows enunciated by cast set up sculptural components that imagine discussions with the sun amid diverse times of the day.


The greater volume fits in with the couple and confronts south west with staggering perspective to the sea, it suits the main room at the second floor, a private patio at rooftop level and every social space at initially associated with a huge porch and a limitless pool.


The littler ones are for the youngsters and confront North West likewise with astounding perspective to the sea. Every volume with its three levels is committed to the children and their companions. The little girl’s volume is roofed by a female porch holding a male cast set up table while the child’s volume is roofed by a male patio holding a female table. Rooms and showers for the children and their companions are open inside a twofold tallness volume, all quaint little inns are “inherent” attempting to give protection inside of the diverse spaces.

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