Redesign of a bourgeois house built in 1925 in Portugal by Floret

Redesign of a bourgeois house built in 1925 in Portugal by Floret

Architects: Floret
Location: Porto, Portugal
Year: 2016
Photo courtesy: Floret

“This bourgeois house, built in 1925, has some interesting features that distinguish it from traditional bourgeois Oporto house. First of all, the open sun exposure provided by the four fronts and ample lighting and ventilation by its thirty-eight windows. Since it is a building that fortunately arrived intact to us, what was needed was to prepare him to continue to perform the original function (housing) for the next generations. We´re not interested in any solution that would compromise the historical integrity and aesthetics of the pre-existing building. A consensual assumption between the owner and the architecture team, was to reject demolition of great importance in the interior and irreversible building expansions.

The architectural intervention in order to comply with the proposed program and simultaneously protect the original configuration of the house and its rich decorative elements, chose to pull over to the rear elevation a module built in iron and glass. The solution adopted respects the integrity of the building and is assumed as a further element to the original construction character and reversible, since their removal is always possible without damaging pre-existing.”

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