Exotic Lovelli Villa by World of Mouth

Exotic Lovelli Villa by Word of Mouth

Architects: Word of Mouth
Location: Seminyak, Bali
Year: 2011
Area: 3.230 sqft / 300 sqm
Photo courtesy: Moch. Sulthonn

The brief to Architect Valentina Audrito and her group at Word of Mouth was clear: make a fun, remarkable space in which the customer, an Italian socialite/adornments creator, could live and enliven.


Set on just 300 sqm of area in the popular range of Seminyak, Bali, the site introduced challenges as far as its restricted size as well as its east introduction. The configuration arrangement in this manner required an innovative utilization of the space, where diverse capacities could congruously cover and interface with one another – the feasting region likewise turns into a parlor, the living zone streams flawlessly into the pool region, and every room capacities additionally as a living space. The consequence of permitting the spaces to cover, rather defi ning capacities by changes in level and sliding boards, is a feeling of a much bigger space.


The principal floor is overwhelmed by the main room, fl anked on 3 sides by green patios, which expand characteristic light and improve the impression of the span of the space. Here as well, capacities easily cover one another inside of the one zone – there is a visual communication between the bed, bathtub, shower, sink, and composing table. Every single vertical segment on this floor are dealt with utilizing wooden louvers to boost the common light, giving this space a much lighter feel rather than the unequivocally characterized solid structure of the floor beneath.


The general tasteful of the estate is a tribute to the Mediterranean structural engineering that assumed a part in the foundations of both the customer and Italian-conceived Audrito. Adjusted corners are favored over hard edges keeping in mind the end goal to mix a delicate quality to the forcing lines of the structure.


The material palette is intentionally controlled; to a great extent comprising of white rendered dividers, cleaned concrete and white painted timber – all balance with a wealth of common vegetation. The customer asked for that the building material palette be restricted however much as could be expected to highly contrasting (the main hues she wears). As is regular of the construction modeling of Word of Mouth, the shading is rather presented in the perky inside decorations; a mix of things chose from everywhere throughout the word, and pieces outlined by the practice, for example, the furniture range roused by eggs.

Lovelli-Residence-05 Lovelli-Residence-06 Lovelli-Residence-07 Lovelli-Residence-08 Lovelli-Residence-09 Lovelli-Residence-11 Lovelli-Residence-12 Lovelli-Residence-13 Lovelli-Residence-14 Lovelli-Residence-15 Lovelli-Residence-16 Lovelli-Residence-17 Lovelli-Residence-18 Lovelli-Residence-21 Lovelli-Residence-22 Lovelli-Residence-23

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