How much does it cost to fix basement wall crack?

How much does it cost to fix the basement wall crack?


If you ignore fixing the basement wall crack can cause significant problems and make huge losses. For example, the building you are in may get damaged or even collapse over time. But fixing them properly can prevent unexpected events.

Without further ado, let’s come to the core point. This article is about “how much does it cost to fix basement wall crack?”. You can surf the article to know the cost to repair any flaws and waterproof it.

Many factors impact waterproof basement walls cost. You should know them before calling the experts:

Finding the Reasons

First, you should find out what caused the crack. 

A common reason is a settlement. It means that the soil under the home gradually flows over time at different rates in the area. As a result, stress builds up within basement walls. Then, the walls bow and break apart potentially. This bowing effect enhances the wall size that you see as a crack.

A second reason would be the erosion happening around or near the basement.

Possibly, if water regularly accumulates in the basement area, the soil becomes delicate. Then, it creates pressure against the basement wall and forces it to have cracks.


After marking the reasons

You might consider what to do next. To know waterproof basement walls cost, you should figure out the intensity of cracks on the wall.

If the cracks are minor or primarily invisible, you can ignore the fixing of the wall. You can repair the cracks that are less than 2′ wide.

For wider cracks, you can take experts’ assistance. These cracks may happen even after covering the wall against mud or cement. When this happens, your basement wall has serious issues. In such a case, the basement wall’s crack fix may cost between $1000-$10000 depending on the intensity.

Five Reliable Services Offered by Basement Experts

Cost of Fixing Basement Wall Crack

You can use flexible epoxy injections to cure 1/8″ wide cracks in the basement wall. It may cost you around $250-$800. You may save this or even more money if you know the reason for cracks appearing.

Cracks like hairlines in the wall may cause water to enter the basement. If you repair it well, water will not seep through anymore.

Minimum 7000 PSI epoxy is good to prevent cracks from enlargement and to protect the wall from water. Usually, the distance among the drilled injection ports is 4-8″. Thus, they cover all the cracks in which you inject the epoxy resin.

Generally, setting up a port, cleaning debris, and epoxy insertion cost $20-$25 (every port). So in that case, if you see a 10′ crack, you will need a maximum of 30 ports (4″ distance) costing $600-$750.

Once you have the notes of the length of each crack, you can estimate the total basement wall crack repair cost.


Bowed Basement Causing Cracks Fixing Cost

Over time, a basement can bend, which invites huge cracks. By bowed basement wall, we can mean the wall surface is not even anymore.

You can repair <2″ bowed basement wall with carbon fiber strips. To apply the strips, you will need commercial-grade epoxy. Together they may cost around $5000.

If the bow is more than 2″, you may need steel strips anchored to the floor joist. It will cost about $15000.

You may use wall anchors as an alternative idea. For that, a trench dug around the outside of the house is required. Then, lower the anchor plates into the trench.

Gradually, you need the insertion of steel connecting rods into these anchors. Later, attach them to the wall plate, which you install wall inside using anchor bolt and washer. Now, tighten the rods.

You may need to tighten the rods frequently to prevent the wall from bending anymore. However, the whole process of wall anchors may cost $400-$600 each.


Waterproofing the Leaks Cost

Waterproofing the leaks on the basement wall is a great idea. However, it may require spending around $2500-$5000 on average.

You may arrange some other necessary fixes. Diverters installation, soil sloping away, filling cracks with hydraulic cement, etc., are some of these fixes.

If the leaks are happening for extensive water pressure, you may install a sump pump. It may offer you water flow all-time without creating extra pressure on the basement to have cracks. However, installing the pump may cost you $500-$1200 on average.


Sinking Basement Fix Cost

You can install concrete piers under the basement to repair the sinking basement. After installation, you can life the piers to support your house. Usually, $1300-$1500 is the cost per pier you need to pay.

Sometimes a report from a structural engineer may help in this case. It will cost you $280-$1400 on average. Soil report cost $500-$3000, and permits cost $70-$150.



So, you have got the ideas of how to estimate the basement wall crack fix cost. For a better estimation, you should identify the reasons first that cause cracks, leaks. It may sound like sufficient money to repair the cracks, but you are actually about to save more money. Therefore, stop wasting your time and fix the cracks soon on the wall.

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