Blairgowrie House 2 by InForm Design

Blairgowrie House 2 by InForm Design

Architects: InForm Design
Location: Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne, Australia
Year: 2014
Cost: $2 million
Photo courtesy: Hilary Bradford & Derek Swalwell

This timber and glass structure is the second house in the improvement and proceeds with the topic of seaside advancement.


Taking after the standards of the InForm “Retreat” outline, however on a bigger scale, the house incorporates a twofold carport, four rooms and a parlor, and additionally an open arrangement kitchen, suppers and living space.


The trademark long lineal rooftop plane tops the whole building, securing the loggia and deck that amplifies the length of the northern outside. A full tallness vertical timber screen shields the loggia from the west, and makes a dynamic front façade.


Expansive full stature dark aluminum entryways interface the living regions and main room to the deck and clearing grass past. The dark aluminum furnishes a hitting appear differently in relation to the smoky dim oiled timber cladding and fresh white sashes. A white solid block sharp edge divider isolates the section from the loggia and reaches out into the living region to frame the chimney.


White oiled oak floors include a fitting contemporary however rural sensibility to the inside palette, which additionally incorporates stainless steel and marble seat tops, oak joinery and a white mosaic tiled sprinkle back.

Blairgowrie-House-2-by-InForm-Design-05 Blairgowrie-House-2-by-InForm-Design-06 Blairgowrie-House-2-by-InForm-Design-07 Blairgowrie-House-2-by-InForm-Design-08 Blairgowrie-House-2-by-InForm-Design-09 Blairgowrie-House-2-by-InForm-Design-10 Blairgowrie-House-2-by-InForm-Design-11 Blairgowrie-House-2-by-InForm-Design-12 Blairgowrie-House-2-by-InForm-Design-13 Blairgowrie-House-2-by-InForm-Design-14

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