M-22 House by Michael Fitzhugh

M-22 House by Michael Fitzhugh

Architects: Michael Fitzhugh
Location: Michigan, USA
Year: 2013
Photo courtesy: Michael Fitzhugh

This cutting edge living arrangement sits along the highest point of a tall edge sitting above West Grand Traverse Bay in Northern Michigan. The configuration of the house reproduces the feeling of disclosure felt while rising the back of the edge to the perspectives uncovered once at the top. The materials and spaces were motivated by the components; water, wind, earth and fire.


From every room the materials, light and an in number association with the site is felt. The house additionally brags an inventive geothermal warming and cooling frameworks alongside its own hydroelectric force generator which utilizes water, geothermal water and gravity to produce power for the house. A blend of solid, steel, composite siding and expansive glass openings supplement the perfect type of the house’s outside.


This is a genuinely one of a kind structure and is a model for future manageable configuration and development methods.

M-22-House-by-Michael-Fitzhugh-03 M-22-House-by-Michael-Fitzhugh-04 M-22-House-by-Michael-Fitzhugh-05 M-22-House-by-Michael-Fitzhugh-06 M-22-House-by-Michael-Fitzhugh-07 M-22-House-by-Michael-Fitzhugh-08 M-22-House-by-Michael-Fitzhugh-09 M-22-House-by-Michael-Fitzhugh-10 M-22-House-by-Michael-Fitzhugh-11 M-22-House-by-Michael-Fitzhugh-12 M-22-House-by-Michael-Fitzhugh-13 M-22-House-by-Michael-Fitzhugh-14 M-22-House-by-Michael-Fitzhugh-15 M-22-House-by-Michael-Fitzhugh-16 M-22-House-by-Michael-Fitzhugh-17 M-22-House-by-Michael-Fitzhugh-18 M-22-House-by-Michael-Fitzhugh-19 M-22-House-by-Michael-Fitzhugh-20 M-22-House-by-Michael-Fitzhugh-21 M-22-House-by-Michael-Fitzhugh-22 M-22-House-by-Michael-Fitzhugh-23 M-22-House-by-Michael-Fitzhugh-24 M-22-House-by-Michael-Fitzhugh-25 M-22-House-by-Michael-Fitzhugh-26 M-22-House-by-Michael-Fitzhugh-27 M-22-House-by-Michael-Fitzhugh-28 M-22-House-by-Michael-Fitzhugh-29 M-22-House-by-Michael-Fitzhugh-30

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