Penthouse S in Linz by Destilat

Penthouse S in Linz by Destilat

Architects: Destilat
Location: Linz, Austria
Year: 2007
Photo courtesy: Destilat

A building undertaking inside of a complex engineering structure: pigeons once roosted on the gallery of what is presently a lavish penthouse with a perspective of Linz’s verifiable old town.


In arranging the two-story space, most prominent consideration was given to setting liberal viewable pathways. Particular perspectives and vistas convey a feeling of inconceivability to the space.


Most of the loft is kept in white. The saved shell is joined with light natural and dark tones. The floor is laid with white screed, the dividers in the wet rooms are put dark and offer a surface that is agreeable to the touch.


The customers’ wishes are consequently respected: they now have a site of visual quiet inside of their own four dividers where they can switch off the unpleasant ordinary life in the workplace. The couple of driving forces of shading are given by the furniture.

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