Penthouse B in Linz by Destilat

Penthouse B in Linz by Destilat

Architects: Destilat
Location: Linz, Austria
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Destilat

destilat understands an inside configuration venture for a penthouse on Bachlberg in Linz. The outcome is an idea that is portrayed by its unmistakable lines and agreeable feeling.


The front room, kitchen and feasting territories with their up to 6.5 meters high, ‘church-like’ and open rooftop slants were complemented with differentiating, warm and generally textured materials to make an exceptionally agreeable and plain environment.


A huge open chimney is the practically age-old focus because of its diminished outline and in addition its solid base and harsh plasterwork.


Other than the great principle room, which incorporates an exhibition, the passageway range and in addition the bathrooms were separately intended to meet the customer’s prerequisites.

Penthouse-B-in-Linz-by-Destilat-04 Penthouse-B-in-Linz-by-Destilat-05 Penthouse-B-in-Linz-by-Destilat-06 Penthouse-B-in-Linz-by-Destilat-07 Penthouse-B-in-Linz-by-Destilat-08 Penthouse-B-in-Linz-by-Destilat-09 Penthouse-B-in-Linz-by-Destilat-10 Penthouse-B-in-Linz-by-Destilat-11 Penthouse-B-in-Linz-by-Destilat-12 Penthouse-B-in-Linz-by-Destilat-13

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