Snowhouse by Hufft Projects

Snowhouse by Hufft Projects

Architects: Hufft Projects
Location: Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Year: 2015
Area: 279 sqm / 3,000 sqft
Photo courtesy: Hufft Projects

The Showhouse was assembled to show the full scope of outline and manufacture capacities offered by the Hufft Projects. It serves as a model unit for customers, testing ground for configuration models and the Hufft family home. We utilized the home to investigate new materials, test new development techniques and guarantee the usefulness of new structures, running from block coursing to bureau pulls.


No less than one model was tried in each room. While utilizing inventive configuration strategies all through, the home adjusts to the encompassing Roanoke neighborhood in its structure, outside materials and 2 1/2 story extents. With limestone, block, cedar siding, fancy iron work and local grasses, the Showhouse is a contemporary tackle a conventional building structure.

Snowhouse-by-Hufft-Projects-02 Snowhouse-by-Hufft-Projects-03 Snowhouse-by-Hufft-Projects-04 Snowhouse-by-Hufft-Projects-05 Snowhouse-by-Hufft-Projects-06 Snowhouse-by-Hufft-Projects-07 Snowhouse-by-Hufft-Projects-08 Snowhouse-by-Hufft-Projects-09 Snowhouse-by-Hufft-Projects-10 Snowhouse-by-Hufft-Projects-11 Snowhouse-by-Hufft-Projects-12 Snowhouse-by-Hufft-Projects-13 Snowhouse-by-Hufft-Projects-14 Snowhouse-by-Hufft-Projects-15 Snowhouse-by-Hufft-Projects-16 Snowhouse-by-Hufft-Projects-17 Snowhouse-by-Hufft-Projects-18 Snowhouse-by-Hufft-Projects-19 Snowhouse-by-Hufft-Projects-20 Snowhouse-by-Hufft-Projects-21 Snowhouse-by-Hufft-Projects-22 Snowhouse-by-Hufft-Projects-23 Snowhouse-by-Hufft-Projects-24

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