EINS House by Óscar Pedrós

EINS House by Óscar Pedrós

Location: O Valiño, Oleiros, A Coruña, Spain
Year: 2009
Photo courtesy: Héctor Santos-Diez

Living as hens…waking up with sun and going to bed at dusk, without any fear of big glass walls. Once in a time there was a neighborhood where people were more aware of flat roofs than cutting the grass. First project is placed there; the first house, Inés´ house…house ONE, house EINS.


All day-zone spaces orbit around one fireplace. There is thermal inertia to keep double-high living room warm enough. “Oh, my God, double-high spaces!… what a waste of space” used to say in-charge first bricklayer as he was vibing concrete. I never heard such a big contradiction.


However, gas-installer wouldn´t mind getting addicted to alcohol at that place. One have to let the sun spin around himself in order to live “with” it. And then you have to follow…If it is too hot, lets go to the north patio.


And if it is hot but you are proud of your house, we can open the whole façade to south. Night-zone, much more functional because we must “save space”, we have wasted enough till now. Ah!…we must also be aware of the neighbor.


He used to jump the fence to catch apples…maybe he hurts himself with a rusty steel bar while the house is built. First son always hurts more, but it´s also true that “firstborns” inherit.

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