Let’s Look At What Quartz Is Used For

Let’s Look At What Quartz Is Used For

Quartz crystal is an important mineral that is used across various industries. These crystals consist of silicon dioxide and oxygen and can vary from a solid rock crystal to powder. Its characteristics determine what quartz is used for. Below we have summarised some of the most common uses of this abundant mineral.

Common Uses of Quartz

1. Abrasive Tools

The quartz crystal family is incredibly hard and resistant to corrosion. This makes quarts perfect to use as an abrasive item, like sandpaper. It is also used in sandblasting due to these properties.

Due to the hardness of quartz, these popular crystals are often used in making sharp tools like knives. However, they can also be used as whetstones to sharpen different blades.

2. Used in the home

Rose crystals and smoky crystals are popular choices for kitchen countertops. The beautiful coloration and non-porous surface make it the perfect addition to any kitchen.

Quartz worktops are considered antibacterial as the lack of notches does not promote the growth of bacteria and other germs. Similarly, quartz is the preferred choice over other stones for bathroom counters or kitchen countertops.

Tripoli, a type of high-quality quartz, is often included in toothpaste and soaps. It can also be used to buff metal and polish jewelry.

Quartz Countertop Care No-Nos
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3. Used in industry

Due to the heat-resistant properties of quartz, it is often used for crucibles. These crucibles are used in high-temperature situations, like carrying molten metal, and can also house chemical reactions.

Crystal clusters channelize ultra-violet light. Because of these metaphysical properties, the clear crystal is often used to manufacture UV lenses and prisms.

Sand made from quartz contains a lot of silica, which can be mixed with other substances like clay particles and oils. This combination is then used in the industry for casting and molding metals.

Flint is a type of cryptocrystalline and can be honed to have incredibly sharp edges. This is then used in the medical field to form part of surgical tools.

4. The common use of these crystals

Different quartz varieties, like clear or rose, are popularly used in tools that we use every day. Wristwatches and clocks, technology like cellphones and computers, and equipment used for navigation all work with a quartz oscillator.

This type of oscillator is created by the crystal points creating temporary electricity when placed under mechanical stress.

It can do so due to its ability to generate piezoelectricity, caused by a high vibration under stress.

Crystal stones are also often worn as jewelry, specifically rings and necklaces.

5. Making glass

Quartz has a long history of making class and fiberglass. Clear crystals is especially useful for making glass and other glass items, like lenses.

6. Source of Sand

As mentioned above, quartz can be in the form of silica sand. This sand is used to supplement beaches, gold sandpits, and volleyball courts.

The sand is completely safe and can also be used in sandboxes for kids.

When quartz sand grains have been cleaned, they can be used in filters and can also be used as fillers in the paint and rubber industry.

7. Healing crystals

Healing properties have been used widely for many years.

It is said that when a crystal is placed against the crown chakra (head) or heart chakra (breastbone), it will release negative energy and help a person focus clearly.

Traditional healers believe the health benefits of quartz transcends the physical body and that rose crystal can help the spirit reconnect with itself.


As indicated above, the uses of this stone are almost endless.

Whether it is the main feature in your kitchen or a delicate embellishment on your ring, these crystals remain one of the most popular and widely used natural minerals in the world.

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