All You Should Know About Herringbone LVT Flooring 

All You Should Know About Herringbone LVT Flooring 

A new block introduced to the flooring market was Herringbone LVT flooring. It had a bold and unique style and offered other benefits at a very cheap cost. People preferred it because it represented the feel and looked of original Herringbone flooring added with LVT flooring benefits.

They successfully replaced the original look and feel of wood Herringbone with luxury tiles’ added benefits. Herringbone LVT flooring offered a wide range of different colors and tones, and each color had a meaning behind it. We will discuss a few colors in our article.

A Look At The Herringbone LVT Flooring Benefits

The most common feature that this flooring provides is that it is durable and tough; it is made so that it won’t harm its tone or color even if you try and go rough on it. It is a great choice for apartments and houses. We have listed a few more features of Herringbone LVT-

● 0.55 wear layer
● 613 tile length
● Warranty of 20 years for residential purpose
● Ten years warranty for people purchasing it for commercial purpose
● Water-resistant
● Fire resistance at a certain level
● Easy maintenance


There is a wide range of colors available on this type of flooring. Herringbone LVT flooring will add an extra charm to your house by making it look more attractive than before. According to a survey, it has been confirmed that Herringbone flooring was the most used and popular interior trend in 2019. We have listed a few colors and their benefits.

6 Simple Ways to Decorate a House on a Budget

Golden Oak

This shade of Herringbone LVT flooring will add character and warmth to the room, with original-looking knots and wood grains. In addition, this specific shade will highlight the dark-colored lines and pattern.

Light Grey Oak

This shade is highly detailed, defining realistic wooden patterns and knots. This shade of Herringbone flooring is the perfect representation of real wood flooring.

Vintage Oak

This shade is for people looking for dark, old rustic-looking wood. It gives the house a bold and classic look with a real wood feel and looks.

Where Can You Fit The Herringbone Luxury Vinyl?

Experts say it can be fitted anywhere in the house as durable, easy to clean, and resilient. However, professionals suggest you not fit Herringbone luxury tiles in places where the temperature is above 27 C.

Advantages Of LVT Flooring Compared To Herringbone Wood Flooring

● If you are fitting LVT flooring, you might experience a water-resistant feature, which makes this type of flooring perfect for washroom and kitchen use.

● LVT tiles are much cheaper than real wood, making people use them as they have a budget-friendly price.

● If your family has a lot of members, then this flooring is for you. You can clean it easily and mainly, and it won’t damage the flooring because of foot traffic.

● You can install the flooring and enjoy its benefits for more than 20 years.

How To Fit Herringbone LVT Tiles

● This specific type of flooring is stapled with glu; in simple words, you need an adhesive to attach this flooring. Our expert suggests you leave the LVT flooring in the room for more than 48 hours before attaching it. This will help the flooring adjust the room’s humidity and temperature level.

● Before applying adhesive, make sure your subfloor is dry to ensure that the flooring is even.

● Ensure that you apply the adhesive on the subfloor and not the tiles.

● You can also make your flooring look more attractive by placing feature strips, which will help you create a border around the room or between the individual planks.

The Bottom Line

We have mentioned all the important information related to Herringbone LVT flooring to get a clear vision of their benefits. Herringbone LVT flooring comes with great strength and is water-resistant, and mainly, this flooring can fit in any room of your house. It will also add an elegant look to the room. It will be perfect for the people who want the appearance of wooden flooring and extra benefits with it. The only disadvantage that this type of flooring faces is that it will only give you a look and feel of real wood, but it won’t be the original wood.

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