7 Visual Tricks to Make Your Outdoor Space Look Bigger

7 Visual Tricks to Make Your Outdoor Space Look Bigger

If you think you can’t do anything with your pocket-sized backyard, think again. A small outdoor space can be just as stylish and functional as a huge, sprawling yard. All it takes is a little inspiration and some planning.

So don’t give up on that little patch of grass just yet. Check out these seven visual tricks you can use to get the most out of your backyard!


  1. Get creative with your outdoor fencing

For the most part, traditional outdoor fencing is going to make your yard feel more closed in. But you don’t have to completely sacrifice space for privacy – with diagonal fencing, you can have the best of both worlds. Diagonal lines create a sense of movement and energy, making your outdoor space feel more open and free.

Another way you can use fencing to your advantage? Grow fence-friendly vines to brighten up the perimeter of your yard with lush greenery without taking up any additional space.

For more design ideas, you can check out this selection of creative fences in Frisco.


  1. Hang up outdoor string lights

Transform your backyard into a fairytale garden and open up the space by decorating with string lights. Lights are an easy way to fill the vertical space in your yard and make the area more comfortable and inviting at night.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, you have quite a few style options. Fairy lights, paper lanterns, and globe bulbs are popular choices that look amazing over any patio.


  1. Decorate with tall plants

When ground space is limited, you have to think vertically. Choose plants, pots, and trees that are tall and thin so that you can add a variety of greenery without taking up your entire garden. These vertical shapes also draw the eye upward, creating the illusion of more space.


  1. Use small, open-patterned furniture

Small backyards call for small decorations. That means saying goodbye to large outdoor benches and hello to petit bistro tables and chairs. To make your small outdoor furniture take up even less space, opt for open-patterned designs. A pair of stylish lattice patio chairs adds function without the visual clutter.

You can also use furniture to play with perspective. For example, putting larger furniture closer to your home and smaller furniture farther away creates the illusion of distance and gives your yard more depth.


  1. Experiment with elevation

Variation is key when it comes to creating a spacious and dynamic backyard. Because let’s face it – flat grass is just plain boring.

Shake things up a bit by adding levels. Something as simple as a sunken patio or a raised garden can add incredible depth to your little space.


  1. Divide your yard by function


Make your yard feel more spacious by separating it into several defined areas – you might have one space for dining, one for vegetable gardening, and one for planting flowers.

Dividing your yard into smaller areas based on function might seem counter-productive, but you’ll find that a well-organized yard feels so much bigger than one that’s been decorated at random.


  1. Hang mirrors

Mirrors might not be the first thing you think of when you set out to decorate your backyard, but they can do wonders for a small garden or patio. Positioned just right, the reflective surface tricks the eye into thinking that there’s more beyond it – it’s almost like a window into a secret garden.

A simple outdoor mirror lights up a shady corner, and a mirror that’s brightly colored and ornately framed makes for an eye-catching finishing touch. The possibilities are endless!


Get the Most Out of Your Backyard

At the end of the day, small spaces don’t have to be limiting. In fact, with the right planning, they can even be better than a large space. Get creative and have fun designing your dream yard with these tips!

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