Lake’s Edge: light, airy holiday home by Chow:Hill Architects

Lake’s Edge: light, airy holiday home by Chow:Hill Architects

Architects: Chow:Hill Architects
Location: New Zealand
Year: 2017
Area: 5.920 ft²/ 550 m²
Photo courtesy: Amanda Aitken Photography

“These northern New Zealand lakes have been a holiday destination for our client for over twenty years; with family camping holidays on the lake edge, enjoying the natural environment this location offers. Our brief was to create a light, airy holiday home that sits naturally within the landscape, which was initially a farm paddock. The house serves as a second home whilst also catering for an influx of family and friends over the holiday periods. Continuing the camping traditions, a designated space for camping, with independent amenities, has been included in the design.

The concept was based around a series of floating planes that peel from the landscape, allowing the home to nestle into the contour of the gently sloping site. The two pavilion roofs of the main living area and master suite have the appearance of floating above the linear form of the house, which in turn creates an ever-changing play of light internally. The long sleek building form stretches across the back boundary, providing panoramic views to the Lake.

The native environment has been extended into the property with extensive planting in order to screen and frame views of the lake and the surrounding landscape. The material palette and colour selections again were chosen to complement the context.

With a dual driveway and drive through garage, launching the ski boat is made easy. This second entrance also provides for a separate guest parking area that is adjacent to the camping amenities. The seamless connections between the exterior and interior make the home feel larger than it is, ideal for entertaining and taking in the stunning vista.”

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