Caufield Extension 1 by Bower Architecture

Caufield Extension 1 by Bower Architecture

Architects: Bower Architecture
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Photo courtesy: Gary Peer & Associates

This complete redesign to a 1970’s single story home beats various issues made by a wide arrangement with almost no common light to the focal point of the house. The proprietors starting appreciation for the site was enlivened by the built up palms in the northern back patio nursery and they visualized a position of numerous living and stimulating potential outcomes inside of a choice resort sort environment.


The ensuing measures of brushing manufactured structure with scene and separating the house into transparent living zones makes a progression of layered spaces, from the twofold tallness section chamber display to the concealed back desert spring. This desert garden is the highlight of the house, with a progression of indoor/open air living spaces containing assembled in daybeds, eating ranges, outside showers and a concealed open air powder room, all organized around the swimming pool.


Extensive glass operable entryways all through empower the living spaces to join with this scene, bringing about a terrific open air way of life for all to appreciate.

Caufield-Extension-1-03 Caufield-Extension-1-04 Caufield-Extension-1-05 Caufield-Extension-1-06 Caufield-Extension-1-07 Caufield-Extension-1-08 Caufield-Extension-1-09 Caufield-Extension-1-10 Caufield-Extension-1-11 Caufield-Extension-1-12 Caufield-Extension-1-21

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