6 Interior Design Ideas for This Summer

6 Interior Design Ideas for This Summer


The summer is quickly coming, and among the million tasks that need to be completed before the season approaches, getting the house ready for the warmer weather, your summer guests, and the respite that characterises the summer is often top of the list. The great thing is there are so many cool and trendy ways to update your living space without too much work or cost. At the same time, you can find yourself lost in a maze of colours, fabrics, and textures while trying to redesign your home’s interior. With the right approach, you can design on a budget and in any climate, whether your place is close to the water or in the middle of the Australian outback. Even simple additions or changes can freshen up the look in your house to make it look as though you have completely redesigned it. With a few simple changes, your home can capture the essence of the summer season and be a welcoming place for you, your family and friends to enjoy. Keep reading for some fantastic design tips to help you create a lively, fresh, and updated look for the summer.

Update Your Blinds

 One way to alter the look of the room, even brightening it, is using blinds in place of curtains. Blinds eliminate the hassle that goes along with cleaning drapes. In fact, those who want a mix between drapes and blinds should consider roman blinds which can add a wonderful aesthetic to any space. Roman blinds are a great choice as they provide adequate window coverage while giving your living space some real style. Blinds, regardless of the style, can brighten a room while allowing more versatility in styling the space.


Accessorise For Summer

Another way to freshen up your living space is to use pillows, light wall tapestries, and area rugs to hint at the fact that the summer is indeed here. Add bright reds, blues, yellows, and oranges as a part of printed fabrics or solids to create the appearance of bright space. However, just a word of caution. Avoid making the room appear too busy by pairing furniture with printed fabrics with solid accessories and pairing solid furniture with printed fabrics. By maintaining a cleaner look you will give the room a greater sense of flow and make it appear larger.


Playing With Pastels 

Homeowners can also brighten a room by using pastels. Painting the walls pastel colours can create a more summery environment when complemented with furniture that is made from wicker and other similar materials. Contrary to popular belief, darker wicker can create the right effect in a room, making any room appear the perfect shade of summer. Try dark wicker over the more traditional, lighter shades and bring summer to your decor.


Decorating With The Tropics In Mind 

Play with various textures that represent the season. Raffia-textured coffee and end tables, for example, can complement furniture pieces that are used in other seasons. Paired with both heavy and lighter pieces, Raffia can bring the islands to your home. Also, wicker pieces can be incorporated into the design as they are a staple of the summer-themed home.


Installing Retractable Fly Screens 

These screens not only have functional purpose, but they can also beautify any part of the home. If looking to protect your porch or patio from nuisance pests, retractable screens can provide protection while you enjoy the outdoors this summer. These screens can also provide your home with the shade needed to stave of high air conditioning bills. Ultimately, when installed by a professional, the blinds can give your entire home a polished finish.

Add In Your Greens 

Use plants to add colour but to also brighten the place. In addition to your standard house plants, consider placing aloe, cacti, and other plants around your home to recreate summer. The plants not only beautify the space, but their presence cheer up a room.

Designing For Summer

The summer brings to mind all those special things that make the season wonderful, including comfortable, light spaces that allow us to hang out with our friends and family. One way to easily spruce up your space is to keep decorating simple but ensure you always keep versatility in mind. This versatility will allow you to decorate for the summer season and enjoy all of what the warmer months have to offer while remembering the rest of the year too.

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