Types Of Togetherness – A Guide To The Different Styles Of Coworking

Types Of Togetherness – A Guide To The Different Styles Of Coworking

While coworking has increasingly become a part of the New Zealand business landscape, the scene is beginning to change just as we are becoming more comfortable. In fact, Auckland and Wellington are a few of the major cities finding coworking more than a trend. These workspace formats provide businesses at all stages of the game the chance to work in some of the most beautiful buildings in the more affluent areas in and around New Zealand.

The evolution of the coworking space in this country is leading many offices to cater to the numerous professional groups cropping up in demand to find affordable space that can help them do much of the work of connecting with the right people. The general coworking space today can provide businesses with staples like hot desking, dedicated desk and coworking spaces with an event calendar. However, there are plenty of other coworking styles showing up on the scene.

Let’s take a closer look at the various coworking space styles so you can choose the space that best suits your needs.


Getting Down To The Basics

Not all coworking spaces are equal, and in fact, many of these spaces have remained closely aligned with the original mission of providing adequate workspace to those who need space and inexpensive space. While not much on frills, these spaces provide businesses with excellent Wi-Fi connection, and maybe a small snack bar, but usually there is not much else going on. You might not have a community calendar, but there is free coffee to go along with the cheap rent.


Finding Your Niche

These spaces focus on a particular group within the coworking population. Start-up coworking spaces, for example, focus solely on the needs of businesses beginning their ventures. Programs, conferences, and social events that are a part of these coworking spaces are geared to providing members with the support needed to grow their business. Other types of niche spaces might include female-only spaces, which again, cater to women. These spaces are focused around providing female-owned businesses with a similar type of support.


On A Mission 

Then, there are the coworking spaces that focus on a particular platform. Non-profit organisations and eco-friendly coworking spaces are examples of these types of coworking spaces. Again, the space is designed to support the missions of the businesses who make up the space, and in this case, they would be to support non-profit organisations and eco-friendly organisations. In some cases, the spaces might require an interview before admitting the business.


Spaces For The Digital Nomad

A new category of worker is showing up around the world. As technology makes it easier to work from any place, many have opted to work while travelling the world. The digital nomad, as they are commonly called, has created a need for coworking spaces specifically devoted to catering for this group of people who have specific needs. For example, some spaces have collaborated with hotels in the area to provide package deals to this group of coworking professionals.


Spaces With Class

Another coworking space genre you might see is the high-end space. These spaces provide all of the creature comforts and are usually situated in prime locations in the city. Those wanting to head to the gym or take advantage of any of the other numerous amenities can find room in some of these more affluent spaces. Of course, the price tag is more expensive than your typical space, but the amenities make it worth the cost.


Finding Your Space

These are just of the few of the types of coworking spaces you might find around the country. The advantage of going with a particular style is your business benefits from the expertise that comes with working with a particular group of people. Conversely, coworking groups that focus on one type of professional do not provide the same type of industry diversity that others do.

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