5 Ways To Take The Stress Out Of A Long Distance House Move

5 Ways To Take The Stress Out Of A Long Distance House Move

Moving house is exciting and stressful, especially when undertaking a long-distance move. Taking steps to reduce the stress from the move will allow you to enjoy its excitement better. And thankfully, there are several ways to take out the pressure for a long distance house move.

1. Planning

Significant endeavors need careful planning, and a long distance house move is no different. Make lists of what can be donated and sold, any heavy or delicate items that need extra care while moving, and a list of utilities to switch. Plan what to pack in a bag to take while in transit from point A to B and the first things you need to do when you get there. Having everything meticulously planned vastly reduces the possibility of anything significant being forgotten and hiccups happening.

2. Vehicle Transport 

22Trying to drive cross country with a laden car on a tight schedule will increase stress levels. The relaxing option is to book the family air tickets and car shipping to transport the family vehicle to your new home. The move will be more enjoyable with no worries about potential breakdowns in the middle of nowhere or being exhausted upon arrival. You’ll be guaranteed to meet the movers on time, and your car won’t have run up high mileage either.

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3. Professional Movers

If your long-distance move involves a significant number of belongings to be moved, hiring professional interstate movers is the best stress buster. Budget allowing, the movers can pack everything up beforehand – what takes you a week or two will take them a matter of hours. Then, all you need to do is unpack at your own pace at the new house and decide where to hang any artwork.

4. Get A Hotel

If you arrive late in the day, book yourselves a hotel room for the night. Even if you get access to your new place and the movers are due to arrive, you’ll unpack better after a goodnight’s sleep. Get the keys and go and see the new house, and if the removal van comes, get everything securely inside. But then take yourselves off for a comfortable night and tackle the house after a good breakfast in the morning. Camping out can wait for vacation time.

5. Explore

The prospect of settling into a new community can cause anxiety and stress—plan to explore your new neighborhood once you’re in your new house. Knowing the local amenities and meeting people will help you settle in and feel at home. In addition, spending a day or two seeing the sights before the rush of work and school sets in will bring anxiety and stress down.

Accepting that a long distance house move is stressful is half the battle. Taking steps like shipping your car and hiring interstate movers go a long way to keep the stress to a minimum. Also, giving yourself something to look forward to by planning time to explore your new location before getting too busy helps.

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