Ring Shaped Low-Energy Family Home by Caraa

Ring Shaped Low-Energy Family Home by Caraa

Architects: Caraa
Location: Štěchovice, Czech Republic
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Andrea Thiel Lhotáková

The family house is a minimal low-vitality single-level working with the level rooftop. The point was to make a low shut article – a ring-like building set in the scene without aggravating the delightful uneven and woody encompassing displays. As the site range is open, we needed to make a private space for each thinkable type of the life of this exceptional crew. We outlined an elliptic-shape house with an inside open chamber. The oval is arranged in the site mass focus, with the introduction permitting the ideal utilization of sun and shape. The inward format is entirely orthogonal. The house is wheelchair available. The carport speaks to a volume „cut out” of the house chamber and place close-by in the patio nursery. The patio nursery stays regular with least arranging.


The structure of the house is composed as a strengthened solid (cladding, roof tile) on the solid base. Nonsupporting inside vertical structures are worked from white put earthenware blocks. The material is connected to the inside uncovered cement in the appear differently in relation to put dividers. The floor is huge oak blanched board. The cladding is ventilated sandwich development, outside cladding is made of ridged metal with a slight wave painted with white sparkle paint. This minimized “shell” of the building is broken by window openings running over the whole stature of the building. The windows are composed as not-openable with shrouded aluminum outlines. The inside entryways are strong, wooden and sliding. Carport material is strengthened with glass parts, and in addition the chamber.

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