DomT Wooden Home by Martin Boles Architect

DomT Wooden Home by Martin Boles Architect

Architects: Martin Boles Architect
Location: Stará Ľubovňa, Slovakia
Year: 2015
Area: 1,507 ft²/ 140 m²
Photo courtesy: Erika Banyayova

It is situated in a town Stara Lubovna which lies in northern Slovakia. It is encompassed by a blend of ecliptic design styles like family homes from the 60’s, social lodging improvements from the 80’s, and as of late developed instructive offices and lodging plans.


The task exists in the plot of an old family house and garden, where one of the customers initially spent their youth years. Picking this old site helped proprietors to spare cash for their new home, and to relate to a surely understood environment they by and by identified with. Three old Birch trees, planted by the customer’s dad, have been kept as a valued memory of the past, furthermore goes about as a hindrance to make somewhat more protection from their prompt environment.


Wood has been picked as the fundamental development and cladding material, as it looks like normal structures, for example, “stodola”, regularly seen in Slovakian yards and patio nurseries. These wooden horse shelters can be found, are still part of a percentage of the encompassing yards.


The allegorical type of a stable has been expelled along the Northern edge of the site, and softened up the center to expand sun based conditions. The coated façade obscures an outskirt between the inside and outside, and empowers a solid association with the patio nursery. One of the current pear trees gives shade to a wooden porch, which ceaselessly mixes the interior space with the outside.


Fundamentally it is a blend of the lightweight timber structure, the midway found burden bearing solid dividers and the steel segments behind the glass façade. The outside of the house has been clad in untreated Siberian Larch, which is relied upon to steadily change its shading to silver dark after some time. Harsh material idea is likewise utilized for nearby structures as a part of the greenery enclosure, and it is rehashed inside of burden bearing solid square dividers in the inside.


Spruce, which is a conventional neighborhood material, is widely utilized as a part of inside and gives a feeling of “prosperity”. It is utilized for the floor, window outlines, entryways, a development kitchen and a 14 m long closet that consistently reaches out from the focal point of the house into folks’ room. An accumulation of characteristic materials are utilized to appear differently in relation to the solid dividers.


There is a liberal opening of space situated amidst the house, which joins the kitchen, family room and halfway situated feasting table. A solitary stove in the family room fills in as an extra wellspring of warmth and warming light.


Thoughtfully, two solid squares, alluded to as “boxes”, offer the essential auxiliary backing for the house. These containers are stuffed with a few capacities found in the home, for example, bathrooms, specialized rooms and capacity, parts of the kitchen, library, fireplace and basic dividers for covering the staircase. They are outwardly segregated from the outside dividers, so that the focal living space is optically bigger, and permits more flexibility for inside courses and association.


There are two extra wooden rooms put under the rooftop too, which are utilized for individual needs: listening to music, unwinding, working or a playing with the kids. Both rooms have sky facing windows, offering perspectives to the outside world, while inner windows uncover a perspective into the focal space of the house. A specific opening in the rooftop (which is associated with the youngsters’ room) is situated towards a perspective of the verifiable mansion, an essential and enduring image of the town.


Vitality proficiency and maintainability has assumed a vital part in the advancement of the outline. 45 cm (1.5 ft) thick protection, utilized for outer dividers, offers enough insurance against the icy of winter. Climatic conditions for focal Europe, particularly this a portion of Slovakia, are portrayed by compelling contrasts in temperature; between 30°C in summer, and – 30°C amid the severely cool winters.


Liberal south-bound openings warm the inside normally, and keep vitality utilization low amid the winter. Solid square dividers, presented to the daylight, exploit utilizing “uninvolved sun based increase” to store abundance vitality. While the wooden façade, the actually ventilated rooftop, the current trees and the extra screens, keep the house from overheating amid the mid year. Cross ventilation is acquainted with keep things open to amid to a great degree warm days.

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