Concrete Ultramodern Sondo House in South Korea by architect-K

Concrete Ultramodern Sondo House in South Korea by architect-K

Architects: architect-K
Location: Busan, South Korea
Year: 2014
Area: 17,707 ft²/ 1,645 m²
Photo courtesy: Yoon Junhwan

Busan City all of a sudden had swollen by the convergence of displaced people amid Korea War. The outcasts had fabricated sporadic shape’s homes as indicated by the geography of mountains in Busan City in a brief timeframe. Various back streets has originated from the relations of the houses. Presently, 65 years after Korea war, the unpredictable houses’ urban fabric turns into a one of a kind component of Busan City. The perspective all of a sudden showing up through back streets and houses frames a recognize urban scene from different urban areas.


AAWH is a venture to form city back streets in a space, House. An awe-inspiring mass was actually reached out from the east slope of the site to ocean. As per the mass, the primary flows were determined to every floor. Eight stairs crossing the fundamental courses and One tube extension were put in the mass. In this procedure, spaces developed and projects were characterized. In the mass, rear ways and spaces exist together. Client can always join new course with the back streets in the house. Windows of constrained perceivability gives new mindfulness the scene of the slope and ocean.


Songdo Beach was the primary Public Beach of the country. It had time accepting spotlight as extravagance excursion spot and special first night destination prior and then afterward Korean Liberation. In the tempest of creating in 19060s~70s, awful quality’s business offices like crude fish house had involved the shoreline and individuals had delayed to visit the shoreline. In the wake of encountering the harming impacts of these aimless improvement, an assortment of confinements and the endeavors of native group has made water perfect and changed the shoreline into a most loved spot for family vacationer.


Once Songdo Beach was called as Napoli of Korea. We proposes a resort sort living arrangement that incorporates an open display as a different option for the positive advancement of Songdo Beach. In and out space of the house are loaded with perspectives of nature and entertainment program. Sea Gallery which can be interested in the general population will go about as a useful social component in the thick business territory. It is recouping the first estimation of nearest shoreline from the old downtown of Busan furthermore investigating the likelihood as new local location with the great environment. Really, after the house consummation, all around planned houses with diversion projects are springing up around the site.


In AAWH, uncovered solid, bamboo formwork uncovered solid, pine formwork uncovered solid, wood blocks, basalt blocks, metal boards were utilized. These materials give the stream of the flows and highlight the back roads in the spaces, and in this manner the spaces of projects are characterized by them. Since the space can be characterized by alternate components, we name the space Dependent-Independent Space.

Concrete-Ultramodern-Sondo-House-in-South-Korea-by-architect-K-05 Concrete-Ultramodern-Sondo-House-in-South-Korea-by-architect-K-06 Concrete-Ultramodern-Sondo-House-in-South-Korea-by-architect-K-07 Concrete-Ultramodern-Sondo-House-in-South-Korea-by-architect-K-08 Concrete-Ultramodern-Sondo-House-in-South-Korea-by-architect-K-09 Concrete-Ultramodern-Sondo-House-in-South-Korea-by-architect-K-10 Concrete-Ultramodern-Sondo-House-in-South-Korea-by-architect-K-11 Concrete-Ultramodern-Sondo-House-in-South-Korea-by-architect-K-12 Concrete-Ultramodern-Sondo-House-in-South-Korea-by-architect-K-13 Concrete-Ultramodern-Sondo-House-in-South-Korea-by-architect-K-14 Concrete-Ultramodern-Sondo-House-in-South-Korea-by-architect-K-15 Concrete-Ultramodern-Sondo-House-in-South-Korea-by-architect-K-16 Concrete-Ultramodern-Sondo-House-in-South-Korea-by-architect-K-17 Concrete-Ultramodern-Sondo-House-in-South-Korea-by-architect-K-18 Concrete-Ultramodern-Sondo-House-in-South-Korea-by-architect-K-19 Concrete-Ultramodern-Sondo-House-in-South-Korea-by-architect-K-20 Concrete-Ultramodern-Sondo-House-in-South-Korea-by-architect-K-21 Concrete-Ultramodern-Sondo-House-in-South-Korea-by-architect-K-22 Concrete-Ultramodern-Sondo-House-in-South-Korea-by-architect-K-23

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