Bamboo House by Atelier Stepan

Bamboo House by Atelier Stepan

Architects: Atelier Stepan
Location: Brno, Czech Republic
Year: 2009
Photo courtesy: Štěpán Vrzala

The house is arranged on a marginally inclining land in the private piece of Brno. It is roused by this garden, its optical interconnection and the last gentility. It pretty much disregards the encompassing cutting edge advancement.


It is worked for the way of life of the occupants and it is impacted by their association with both the unmistakable and profound estimations of the East. Fundamental compositional component is the level.


The idea of the house obviously isolates individual useful levels and building exchanges. The house is created by an admitted bearer development and their lighter fillers.


The bearer part comprises of iron-solid skeleton with mainstays of square area supporting solid roof pieces, which are altogether excessed by comforted parts.


This cubic house with an aggregate size of 10×20 meters (32.8×65.6 feet) is a one era house with a twofold carport and offices. The social part of the house is arranged on the ground floor while the laying part is on the floor.


The floor is walkable through with city sees. Patios are around the dividers of the house and they have turned out to be an incredible private component and the screen from the outer environment.


The fundamental materials utilized are solid, glass, dark metal and wood.

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