Gravata Chic Apartment by Couto Arquitetura

Gravata Chic Apartment by Couto Arquitetura

Architects: Couto Arquitetura
Location: Itaím, Guarulhos, Brazil
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Maíra Acayaba

Flat rebuilding in a symbol working of the Paulista Modern Architecture, worked in 1964 by Rino Levi designer.


To meet the proprietors requests and recuperate with a contemporary dialect the first design, the engineer Marcelo Couto updated the offices, plants, finishings, highlighting the significance of the current auxiliary components as likewise the interior patio nursery. Its structure is characterized by a longitudinal pivot and fringe columns discharging the plant for more adaptability in the format as a complete change of bathrooms situating that already had manufactured lighting and ventilation with a ventilation shaft.


With the pulverization of a room it was conceivable to expand the living region and to open the kitchen for a combination with the TV room. The utilization of reasonable confronted concrete fortifies the innovation of existing and offers contemporary to the rebuilding project.

Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-03 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-04 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-05 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-06 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-07 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-08 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-09 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-10 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-11 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-12 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-13 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-14 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-15 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-16 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-17 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-18 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-19 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-20 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-21 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-22 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-23 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-24 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-25 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-26 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-27 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-28 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-29 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-30 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-31 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-32 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-33 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-34 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-35 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-36 Gravata-Chic-Apartment-by-Couto-Arquitetura-37

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