Easy Ways To Give Your Home A Makeover

Easy Ways To Give Your Home A Makeover


You have heard it before that your home is a reflection of you. Not only that, but how your home is decorated and how the furniture is arranged and colors and pieces of art are chosen will greatly influence how you work, relax, and share special moments and have fun in it. Maybe these days, you’re not getting that feeling of pride in how your home is looking. If anything, you feel like just tearing the whole place down and start anew. But it’s common that all homes need a makeover every so many years.

So, let’s get into the renovation to homes that you’re looking to do. There are companies that would be happy to help you with a makeover at affordable prices and to accommodate your present and future needs of your home. A home makeover doesn’t have to be overly expensive and massive to have a significant impact.

Paint Job

That’s where most people would start because it’s an inexpensive way to get a new look. Now some colors suit different rooms; often, you might want to go with more neutral tones in your living room, which tends to suit most people’s tastes. But it depends on just how much is going on in your living room. Dramatic colors can work if your furniture is more solid color and sparsely spaced out. So there’s no rule that says you can’t go with bold and bright colors. For bedrooms, more subtle colors, like a cool blue, are relaxing.

Cushion and fabric Update

For an automatic change of a room, get rid of your old cushions and upholstery worn-out furniture and definitely bring in the new. Comfy but worn-out sofas and chairs are often where problems lie. If you can’t afford a new upholstery, you can find plenty of beautiful throws that will give that old furniture new pizazz and a reason to live! Cushions work great in both the living room and bedroom. For the people who worry about too much color, cushions are a good place to start using bright colors and prints.

Lighting and hardware

Your current lighting might be giving a dingy look to your rooms. Bright lights are more airy and inviting. The key to lighting is to layer it through different levels, between soft and bright. You can use dimmers to achieve both. Also, you think if you’ve seen one doorknob, you’ve seen them all. Not exactly, and these small details such as new doorknobs, or kitchen or bathroom drawer and cupboard handles make a big difference in their own little way.

We’ll end this short read with something you should actually start with first, which is decluttering. The last thing you want is to have a makeover and then pile up your rooms with the same clutter as before you started. That totally defeats the purpose, and you’ll never get the feeling that you’ve done something fresh and new living with the same clutter. Once you declutter, you’ll be able to better see how and where the changes will happen, and you’ll start feeling better about your home immediately.

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