4 Things to Consider Before a Church Renovation Project

4 Things to Consider Before a Church Renovation Project

Considering a church renovation project to better fulfill its mission in the community, state, and country? If your current church building isn’t sufficient, you can renovate the building. It’ll be a lot cheaper than selling it and finding another property.  

In the Great Commission recorded in the Bible, Jesus advised believers to go into the world, preach the gospel, and baptize converts in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. But after baptizing them and welcoming them into church fellowship, you must ensure your church building can accommodate its members. 

That might mean renovating your church building so that your church can achieve its objectives. But what things should you consider before okaying a plan to remodel your church building?

Continue reading to learn four things to consider before embarking on a project and why it makes sense to find a reputable and experienced contractor specializing in helping churches with their renovation needs.

  1. Consider Your Goals

You need to consider what your goals are as a church. Does your church have a mission statement that guides its missionary inreach and outreach efforts?  If so, you’ll want to consider your church’s objectives when deciding how to proceed with a church building renovation project.

Perhaps your children’s department is growing and needs more space for the influx of children from the community, or you may need a dedicated space for the church choir to practice once a week. You might also want a bigger fellowship hall so your church has a spot for socials or other activities. 

Reflect on what you need to do and how your church can do it most effectively. That’ll give you more information to work with as you plan a renovation project.

  1. Consider Your Budget

Churches don’t have an unlimited amount of resources on hand. They typically have many pots on the stove as far as projects and initiatives go — and all of these things require funds. So, it might be difficult to earmark as much as you’d like to on a construction project. 

There’s also the matter of bureaucratic red tape every church has when it comes to okaying funds for projects. Your church will likely need to discuss the matter on the church board and at a business meeting if the goal is to get the church to approve a budget to renovate the church building. Budgeting is vital when planning.

Since your church likely has a cap on what it can afford to spend, you’ll need to ensure you have enough money to afford the renovations.

  1. Consider Long-Term Goals

When embarking on a church building renovation project, don’t forget to consider long-term goals. Don’t just think about what you need today. You want things to be scalable so that your space meets the needs of members, visitors, and others not only now but in the future. It’s about being proactive and having a visionary mindset in line with your church’s mission.

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  1. Consider the Builder

It’s also vital to consider the construction company you hire to do the church renovation project. While many contractors can do a great job, there’s something to be said about hiring a contractor who shares your values. That’s especially true if you’re not exactly sure what you want done and would like feedback from a professional who can understand your vision as a church body. You won’t get that level of specialization if you hire a contractor with no religious convictions.

Consider these four things if your church wants to do some remodeling. The right project can help your church serve members, visitors, and members of the community better.

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