Herne Bay Rd Residence by Daniel Marshall Architects

Herne Bay Rd Residence by Daniel Marshall Architects

Architects: Daniel Marshall Architects
Location: Herne Bay, Auckland, New Zealand
Year: 2013
Photo courtesy: Simon Devitt Photographer

The House in Herne Bay is on a north-bound incline, watching out over Herne Bay towards the Waitamata harbor. The site is zoned Residential 2 which perceives the noteworthy legacy and character of the territory. A void site exhibited an uncommon open door for a contemporary re-origination of the Villa prime example which embodies the encompasses. The House in Herne Bay incorporates contemporary New Zealand beliefs, outline and development, whilst keeping up a significant part of the dialect and stance of the all around mannered Villa.


This contemporary solid build is sculpturally shaped more than three levels: garaging is exhumed underneath; the upper level sits passively underneath a hipped rooftop; the mid level is strongly communicated by the even organization of weatherboard inspired solid balances. These balances theoretical the conventional road verandah whilst supporting control of protection and light into the spaces inside.


System is organized around a focal northern situated outside center which orientates the house towards the sun, gives open air living, a perspective of the Waitamata past and makes a vertical connection between all levels of the residence. Whilst the living spaces are interested in the outside center, bespoke cabinetry and chimneys makes an assortment of inside spaces. Living spaces are both glory yet cozy, much like the road confronting rooms of the customary Villa.

Herne-Bay-Rd-Residence-by-Daniel-Marshall-Architects-03 Herne-Bay-Rd-Residence-by-Daniel-Marshall-Architects-04 Herne-Bay-Rd-Residence-by-Daniel-Marshall-Architects-05 Herne-Bay-Rd-Residence-by-Daniel-Marshall-Architects-06 Herne-Bay-Rd-Residence-by-Daniel-Marshall-Architects-07 Herne-Bay-Rd-Residence-by-Daniel-Marshall-Architects-08 Herne-Bay-Rd-Residence-by-Daniel-Marshall-Architects-09 Herne-Bay-Rd-Residence-by-Daniel-Marshall-Architects-10 Herne-Bay-Rd-Residence-by-Daniel-Marshall-Architects-11 Herne-Bay-Rd-Residence-by-Daniel-Marshall-Architects-12 Herne-Bay-Rd-Residence-by-Daniel-Marshall-Architects-13 Herne-Bay-Rd-Residence-by-Daniel-Marshall-Architects-14

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