Aigai Spa in São Paulo by Figueroa.arq

Aigai Spa in São Paulo by Figueroa.arq

Architects: Figueroa.arq
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2014
Area: 7,965 sqft / 740 sqm
Photo courtesy: Figueroa.arq

Aigai – In the Roman mythology, Aigai was a kingdom of remote ocean, where Neptune, divine force of freshwater and the ocean, restore his energies. It is a spot where anything aggravate him and in the meantime he knows all what happens at first glance.


Acqua Spanadae or Salut Per Aqua – regardless it stay dubious the etymological beginning of the word SPA. There are 5.000-year history exceptionally very much recorded about our association with water in sea-going customs of body treatment or profound sanitization. This history is interwovenly connected with that in Middle East, and from that point forward is a vital piece of our connection with nature in the interest for wellbeing, parity and unwinding.


The Spa is composed as a urban desert garden. A position of reflection, tranquility and unwinding. The development of this spot searches for an alternate universe spring, not inexorably contrary to the “outside universe”, but rather in quest for a harmony and stillness, typically slighted in the spots we possess everyday.


As coins, there are two sides to this divider. Divider that closes is not just a protective divider. On the off chance that from one viewpoint it may appear showdown, it is deliberate to enhance an in number and clear expectation of connection with the city. Then again, it is an inviting divider, of inside association, of vague nuance from outside.


Marginally raised from the beginning, exploits the setting back forced by the urban laws to give a move space between the aggregate and the person, in perspective of the corner state of the 720sqm unique plot. The façade in cement, finely textured, fills in as an interceding skin. It outlines the wide artistic tile board and the expansive vertical greenhouse. The substantial green divider round the corner, where it wraps and extend to the next inverse side of the plot. The developed surface territory of 1.200sqm is disseminated among the ground floor, the upper volume, and a semi-underground floor, where the carport and offices rooms are put.


The Spa is gotten to by a footbridge, which begins from the patio nursery – of open use and gathering , cross a reflecting pool, and rises onto the stage created next to the extensive earthenware tile board. In the inverse corner, a glass entryway offers access to the banquet hall, where a little outdoors porch with a reflecting pool covering all its augmentation, gives de vital light to the room. Light sensationalizes the magnificence. Wind and rain enters the desert garden and qualify the subtleties of life. Structural planning is a route through individuals could feel the nature.


Pablo Neruda expounded on the poetics of the Patio “The yard is an awesome spot, where the Earth and the Sun meet at the early afternoon”. José Luis Borges do it as well: “Yard, channel of sky… The porch is the incline down which sky streams into the house”. What makes a porch an exceptional spot is the fitting decision of is geometrical extents and the incorporating capacity for which it is imagined.


In the fundamental floor, subsequent to crossing the clients evolving rooms, there are the inner light porches, open to holding up and unwinding zones, with greenhouses and reflecting pools. In the biggest of the considerable number of porches there is a major pool, a wide unwinding space, secured and shaded. Taking all things together, there are seven treatment rooms. Six of them in the ground floor and the other one in the upper floor (with particular passage), where back rubs and uncommon showers are advertised.


Likewise critical for the medicines, the connection with the outside and the nature was conceivable in Aigai was made conceivable by the 12 planned porches. With reflecting pools and gardens, any porch is similar to another. Normally we forget the discernment that sky is additionally nature. In cities like São Paulo could be the first and final connection that a great many people have every day with nature.

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