Casa Santo Antonio by H+F Arquitetos

Casa Santo Antonio by H+F Arquitetos

Architects: H+F Arquitetos
Location: Santo Antônio do Pinhal, Brazil
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Pedro Napolitano Prata

Situated on the edge of a backwoods save in the south of the Sierra de Mantiqueira district, the house sits on the incline through three progressive stages, concentrating on diverse landscape circumstances.


The appropriation of the project accentuates the differentiation between two inverse circumstances: the room confronting the scene, on the upper level, and the rooms to the backwoods, at the middle level.


The inside folds through outside porches on the tops of the lower levels, and propels over the landscape in ranges earned from the incline with a specific end goal to grow the “floor” of the living spaces.


The building was planned in two reciprocal stages: the first stage contains the arrimos, bearing dividers and floors of the workplace (lower level) and rooms (middle of the road level). To gather the structure we utilized little profiles, bolstered by stone work walls.

Casa-Santo-Antonio-by-H+F-Arquitetos-04 Casa-Santo-Antonio-by-H+F-Arquitetos-05 Casa-Santo-Antonio-by-H+F-Arquitetos-06 Casa-Santo-Antonio-by-H+F-Arquitetos-07 Casa-Santo-Antonio-by-H+F-Arquitetos-08 Casa-Santo-Antonio-by-H+F-Arquitetos-09 Casa-Santo-Antonio-by-H+F-Arquitetos-10 Casa-Santo-Antonio-by-H+F-Arquitetos-11 Casa-Santo-Antonio-by-H+F-Arquitetos-12 Casa-Santo-Antonio-by-H+F-Arquitetos-13 Casa-Santo-Antonio-by-H+F-Arquitetos-14 Casa-Santo-Antonio-by-H+F-Arquitetos-15 Casa-Santo-Antonio-by-H+F-Arquitetos-16 Casa-Santo-Antonio-by-H+F-Arquitetos-17 Casa-Santo-Antonio-by-H+F-Arquitetos-18 Casa-Santo-Antonio-by-H+F-Arquitetos-19 Casa-Santo-Antonio-by-H+F-Arquitetos-20 Casa-Santo-Antonio-by-H+F-Arquitetos-21 Casa-Santo-Antonio-by-H+F-Arquitetos-22 Casa-Santo-Antonio-by-H+F-Arquitetos-23

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