Minimalist Guest Apartment in Prague by Mjölk Architects & DDAANN

Minimalist Guest Apartment in Prague by Mjölk Architects & DDAANN

Architects: Mjölk ArchitectsDDAANN
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: BoysPlayNice Photography & Concept

The owners of the loft in Prague, Vokovice chose to include a minor one the same floor.We moved single studio into the visitor house for visitors whose are going to youthful global family from far abroad and for more timeframes.


As a rule for relatives and companions. It has a complete framework to empower them to stay in touch without ever get the inclination that they are an aggravation. Separate kitchen with bar/feasting table, actually gives them adequate offices for the planning of news from home food and the chance to end up the host for a minute.


The condo is spatially generally unassuming, liberality was included by speculator, who was not hesitant to put resources into a complete substitution of all segments supplied as standard. We could take out reproduction totally. The loft is changed from arrangement, washroom and entryways, including outlines. Old harmed floors were supplanted by the one of a kind polyurethane squeegee. The flat is wiped out and old division kitchen supplanted by recently planned custom furniture, finished with superb seats. We pointed our consideration on the choice of optical zones between kitchen/room. Contrasted with the first 1 + kk contemporary space is characterized by numerous zones. Expansive bed is for resting, as well as gives a seat and capacity to cloth. On the divider is a library. On the off chance that that the visitors need working space arrives actualized work area and round mirror for „goout” arrangements.


In the corridor, which is joined with the washroom and storage space, a closet raised up. Proprietor with an energy for cycling has held space in the center for his cherished street bicycle. He likewise begins his cycling trips here at whatever point the visitor house is not possessed. Without a doubt there are some extra bicycles in a storage space. It is for a situation in the event that somebody from the visitors fall in cycling love while passing the passage.


Thus washroom has a shower rather than tub, which better serve visitors and competitors. So how about we go into the pedals and securely back!

Minimalist-Guest-Apartment-in-Prague-by-Mjolk-Architects-&-DDAANN-05 Minimalist-Guest-Apartment-in-Prague-by-Mjolk-Architects-&-DDAANN-06 Minimalist-Guest-Apartment-in-Prague-by-Mjolk-Architects-&-DDAANN-07 Minimalist-Guest-Apartment-in-Prague-by-Mjolk-Architects-&-DDAANN-08 Minimalist-Guest-Apartment-in-Prague-by-Mjolk-Architects-&-DDAANN-09 Minimalist-Guest-Apartment-in-Prague-by-Mjolk-Architects-&-DDAANN-10 Minimalist-Guest-Apartment-in-Prague-by-Mjolk-Architects-&-DDAANN-11 Minimalist-Guest-Apartment-in-Prague-by-Mjolk-Architects-&-DDAANN-12 Minimalist-Guest-Apartment-in-Prague-by-Mjolk-Architects-&-DDAANN-13 Minimalist-Guest-Apartment-in-Prague-by-Mjolk-Architects-&-DDAANN-14 Minimalist-Guest-Apartment-in-Prague-by-Mjolk-Architects-&-DDAANN-15

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