8 Hottest Home Decorating Trends of 2020


8 Hottest Home Decorating Trends of 2020

Need a new decorating mantra for 2020? We’ve got one for you: Go big or go home. At least, that’s the underlying vibe we’re getting based on the trending home décor trends for the year ahead. Design trends for 2020 are shaping up to be bigger, bolder and more unapologetic. They’re also practical, purposeful and sustainable. Honestly, we could go on and on, but we’ll just go ahead and let these hot home decorating trends of 2020 speak for themselves.

  1. Funky Bathroom Designs

This year is all about showcasing your unique personality through your décor. What better place to experiment with bold designs than your powder room? It’s the perfect area to experiment with funky wallpaper featuring all types of quirky—and downright strange—designs. If you’re a cat lady, consider opting for kitten-theme wallpaper that lets everyone know you’re totally cool with being single forever. Have an obsession with the royal family? Reach for this Queen Elizabeth wallpaper that will probably get you put on some sort of watch list over in the UK. When it comes to funky wallpaper designs, the world is truly your oyster.

8 Hottest Home Decorating Trends of 2020

  1. Earth Tones

Not a fan of cool-tone colors? We totally get it. Grays, blues and other colors with cool undertones can make a space feel cold and somewhat clinical. Fortunately, 2020 color trends are finally moving away from cool-tone colors that have dominated this past decade. Now, it’s all about embracing warm hues with earthy undertones (think shades of brown, green and yellow). To make the trend work flawlessly in your home, start by painting your walls a warm neutral such as beige and accent the space with textured furniture in earthy hues such as brown or burnt sienna. Incorporate pops of greens and yellow for a natural and organic look that would make any Whole Foods employee envious of your earthy-inspired abode.

  1. Quality (and Ultra-Relaxing) Bedding

Get this: The average person spends roughly one-third of their life sleeping, or trying to do so. Insane, right? It’s no wonder that one of the hottest home decorating trends of 2020 involves splurging on high-quality bedding, sheets and pillows that promote relaxation. If you want to capitalize on the trend and maximize your serenity, consider picking up coastal-inspired bedding and a few coastal throw pillows to transform your bedroom into a calming, seaside retreat. Then, download a white noise app that plays the sound of crashing waves. Tada! You now have a relaxing space that is guaranteed to lull you to sleep.

8 Hottest Home Decorating Trends of 2020

  1. Mixing and Matching Old and New

Huh? Who would have guessed that grandma’s old hope chest and decorative plates would become a hot decorating trend? Hopefully, you held on to some of your meemaw’s secondhand items (minus the creepy dolls) because they’re quickly becoming a must-have addition to any stylish home. In 2020, we’re seeing interior designers move away from pieces found at big box stores in lieu of charming antiques and vintage finds. When expertly mixed in with modern décor, the result is a one-of-a-kind look that is bursting with personality.

  1. Practical Shelving

Good news for all you practical people: Open shelving in the kitchen may finally be on the way out because–duh—it’s just not worth the hassle! Sure, open shelving is nice to look at, but you can count us out (along with this cumbersome trend) if it involves even more cleaning and tidying up than usual. The hot new trend for 2020 is practical shelving that doesn’t steal precious hours from our day just to pull off the look. Open shelving in the kitchen is now firmly designated to holding décor and antique dishware (read: not the dishware you actually use). Again, be sure to thank grandma for graciously passing down her Dutch delft plates that are perfect candidates for your open shelf décor. Now, if only you knew what to do with that weird bird clock she gave you…

  1. Colorful Kitchens

What can we say about all-white kitchens? As much as we enjoy their bright and airy feel, we can also admit that their stark-white décor makes us feel like we’re prepping for surgery and not dinner. We’re clearly not alone in that thinking because kitchens with pops of color are becoming more commonplace these days. In 2020, we’ll see even more bold hues (think bright green, sunshine yellow and every shade of blue) that promise to re-energize our kitchen. If you want to keep it classic, paint your kitchen cabinets in navy blue (it’s trending this year) and mix your metals for a timeless yet modern aesthetic.

  1. Sustainable Art

Climate change and sustainability continue to be a hot topic as we head into 2020, so it’s hardly surprising that upcycled plastic art has been trending in the world of home décor. In fact, data from Pinterest revealed a 39 percent increase in searches for “ocean trash art,” a type of art which is made from—you guessed it—the horrifying amount of plastic pollution in the ocean. We’re definitely hoping this home decor trend hangs around so that more people become aware of the problem with plastic debris. In the meantime, you can always shop from artists such as Mermaid Trash, who makes ocean-inspired art from recycled plastics.

  1. European-Inspired Details

European-inspired decor is hot for 2020, but not in the let’s-go-to-IKEA way. This home décor trend is less Scandi-style and pulls more from German, Italian and French influences, among others. This year, you’ll see an increase in Italian-inspired sofas with rounded shapes (ideal for conversation), French cane chairs (perfect for your garden room, non?) and Terrazzo floors which are currently a trend in Germany (specifically, Berlin). Don’t mind us. We’ll just be waiting patiently over here for the French version of IKEA to become a thing.

A Stylish Start to a New Decade

It’s the start of a brand-new decade. Weird to think about, isn’t it? If you want to get it off to a stylish start, jumping on these hot trends is a great way to update the look of your home and give it a modern flourish. And remember, there is no rush to the finish line. If you can’t do everything at once, try tackling one room at a time (your bedroom is a great place to start). Channel your energy into getting the details right and you’ll eventually end up with the dream living space you’ve always imagined.

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