Tips for a Tidier Living Space

A living space that is clean and tidy can be a welcoming oasis, helping us to relax and reconnect with our family. But a messy living room it’s exactly the opposite. Even if you try to ignore it and focus on your most important matters, you will get frustrated by the mess because a messy living room can be a stressor that doesn’t give us a homy feeling.

There are situations in which no matter how hard you try to keep your living room tidy, it still doesn’t provide that calm, peaceful feeling. Something’s off and you can’t quite put your finger on it.

Here are some tips that will give you that homy and tidy feeling you are looking for:

Don’t let the cords exposed

Poorly-concealed cords tangled behind the TV or snaking out from an outlet can destroy a serene vibe. Try installing cord covers painted in the same color as your wall for cords that hang down the wall. You can undertake a project to completely hide cords on the inside of your wall if you’re a homeowner and feeling extra ambitious.

There are ways to make them less unsightly even if you can’t totally conceal the cords for your entertainment system. You can gather and cover a group of cords all going the same direction, or cable management boxes to camouflage cords in a hub-like configuration. Try a phone charger shelf to keep things contained and looking organized if you have phone chargers strewn about the room.

Don’t forget to fluff your living room pillows for a tidy look

Lumpy, deflated, tossed-about cushions and pillows imbue the space with a tired, indifferent appearance in an otherwise neat living room. Try out his simple solution: Pat your couch and chair cushions so they perk up and hug throw pillows before placing them exactly where they go.

A fabric shaver can work wonders and make them look good as new if they need extra love beyond a good fluff.

 Put the decorations in small containers

This applies to utilitarian things (like remotes) and decorative items (like candles). Laying small objects on a large surface looks messy most of the time. Storing lotions and potions on a pretty tray versus directly on the countertop will make a great difference in your bathroom’s appearance. Corralling your small items lends a refreshing in-order look to your living space, whether you choose trays and baskets or find a new home behind closed cabinet doors.

Fewer knickknacks for a tidy living room

Too many tchotchkes can quickly make a space look cluttered and junky even in a pristine living room. Try grouping collections together or editing the number of mementos you have on display.

In conclusion

Keeping your living room looking comfortably lived-in yet still put-together can be a bit of a challenge, but with these easy tricks practiced by tidy people that you can adopt to keep clutter under control.
What about you? How have you smartened up your living room? Share your storage and display ideas for a tidier living space in the comments. 


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